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Altegio settings

Initial location settings



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How to work with the Appointment Calendar

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Group booking

Working with Client Database

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User access rights

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Working with products

Inventory operations

Inventory reports

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Calculation and accrual

Working with accounts and cash registers

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Working with suppliers and partners

Financial reports

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Types of notifications

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Cashless payment

Online sales

Deleting Location

Onboarding Altegio

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Online booking

New online booking widget

Online booking settings

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Setting up online booking on partner sites

Online booking with social media

Adding an online booking to website

Adding online booking to popular CMS

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Online booking analytics

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Loyalty programs

Loyalty cards

Gift cards


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Electronic loyalty cards

Altegio settings for chains

Main chain settings

Chain services

Chain staff

Chain users

Chain client database

Chain inventory

Chain analytics

Setting IP telephony integration in chain


Analytics reports

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Analytics settings

Location overview

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Personal account

User's personal account

Pricing Information


Mobile applications

Employee mobile app

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Client mobile app


Chat bots

SMS-provider integration

Integrating with Power BI

Integration Marketplace

Placement in the Altegio Marketplace

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