Boomerangme electronic cards

Boomerangme electronic cards are an electronic analogue of customer cumulative cards, which help to make customers regular, increase customer retention rate and save on SMS texting.

The operating scenario that can be performed with the help of cards is based on the principle of "have 10 appointments & get 1 free”. Stamp accrual for the completed service is performed automatically due to the integration with Altegio. The client will not have to give his number or show the card at the checkout.

In order to indicate the terms of the promotion you should go to your personal account. Up to 10 promotions can be active at the same time. 

Boomerangme advantages

  • Quick replacement of current cards with electronic ones.                                                                Your client base is imported into the system within minutes, whereupon electronic cards can be sent by SMS and Email.
  • Setting up a loyalty program for only a few minutes.                                                                      Create a loyalty program using a ready template from the service collection, all you need to do is to indicate your conditions and cost.
  • Free push notifications instead of SMS texting.                                                                                Save from 1000$ a year on SMS texting to customers. Push notifications are free and unlimited.
  • No equipment and implementation expenses.                                                                                    The checking client card and accruals are made automatically with the Altegio integration. 
  • Cross-platform
    The Boomerangme allows you to deliver push notifications to Android devices. As 70% of users use devices on this platform, you will get the maximum coverage for advertisement push notifications.


Go to Boomerangme website and click Try it free to submit a connection request. Afterwards the provider's manager will contact you and help you with further steps.

Use the promo code for Altegio customers - 8483811 and get 1 month for Business plan free.

After conclusion of the contract and payment, you will receive an authorization key. To activate the integration, go to the personal account of the service in the Settings – Integration section, and select the section Integration of electronic cards with Altegio.

Go to the Settings menu, enter your login and password in Altegio and the partner token that you need to request from Altegio technical support via

How to issue an electronic card?

See the detailed information on issuing cards: link.


The cost of the subscription can be found on the Boomerangme pricing page.

Sending push notifications

In your personal account you can send free push notifications to all of your clients who have already had electronic cards. 

  1. Select your card in the personal account, go to the Send Push section.
  2. Select the action Send Push to all clients or Send Push to the selected segment.
  3. Add the text and click the Send button.

Contact details:

Phone: 1 (740) 990-2287