Kommo and Altegio integration from Rubikon

Integration with Altegio allows you to share and edit booking information using the Kommo system.
Widgets are available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian languages!


1. Make bookings in the Altegio service from the Kommo deal card. With the widget, you can benefit from the following features:

•Flexibility to view the overall availability of either individual employees or for all staff members when scheduling appointments.

•Ability to view specifically selected locations and chains for each Kommo user.

•Automatic retrieval of customer data from the Kommo contact card, populating the booking window.

•Selection of services from the Altegio list.

•Customizable color-coded booking option in Altegio directly from the widget button.

•Ability to include additional notes in the "Comments" section.

•Categorization feature allowing you to assign a specific category to each booking.

•Effortlessly handle group bookings, where each client in the group corresponds to a distinct deal in Kommo.

•Automatic task assignment within Kommo upon creation of a booking.

2. Easily modify existing bookings through "Appointment Calendar" or directly from the deal card.

3. Configure the automatic movement of deals within Kommo's funnels and stages based on the booking status in the Altegio service. Here you can:

•Synchronize options available with customizable conditions for entities such as "Service category," "Funnel," "Location," and "Employee."

•Tailor synchronization to a specific funnel if desired.

• Fine-tune synchronization by selecting individual statuses or opting for complete desynchronization using the "Do not synchronize statuses" feature (a deal is still created in Kommo for each booking).

4. Access information regarding the start and end dates of memberships, along with the remaining balance within each membership.

5. Gain visibility into the total amount of purchases made by customers and the number of visits they have made.

6. Customize the visibility of the Appointment Calendar by choosing to display it only in selected funnels.

7. Efficiently locate duplicate deals/bookings at any stage within any funnel using the built-in search function.

8. Benefit from the added convenience of the widget being translated into Spanish.

Widget initial setup

IMPORTANT: During the initial setup of the widget, it is crucial to enter the login and password of the Altegio account's primary administrator (the individual responsible for creating the account).

Fields customization

To ensure the proper functionality of the widget, it is essential to create specific fields in both the deal and contact cards. Please note the following list of required fields and their corresponding types:

• The date of a booking – Date format 

• The time of a booking – Text format

It is also possible to combine these two fields into one (in the widget settings, there is a markup "Date and time of booking in one field"), for this, you need to create a Date and Time format field.

• Booking ID: Number format
• Company ID: Number format
• Employee: Text format
• Location: Text format
• Services: Text format
• Client ID: Number format (created in the contact card)
• Amount of purchases: Number format (created in the contact card)
• Number of visits: Number format (created in the contact card)

Optional fields for working with memberships:
• Membership start: Date format (created in the contact card)
• End of Membership: Date format (created in the contact card)
• Remaining balance in the membership: Text format (created in the contact card)

(In case you encounter difficulties retrieving membership date data, consider changing the fields from Date format to Date and Time format fields).

User setup

The next step involves configuring user settings.

During this process, you establish the connection between Kommo users and the Altegio service. To accomplish this, enter the login and password associated with each Altegio employee account in the respective section within Kommo. Once successful synchronization is achieved, you will gain the ability to create bookings. In the event of incorrect access credentials, the system will display an "Authorization error" message to notify you.

Furthermore, you can customize the locations and chains displayed in the booking window accessed through the widget button for each individual employee. Simply select the desired options by checking the corresponding boxes and save the settings.


Status synchronization

The subsequent step involves aligning statuses for automation purposes. Depending on your selection of either Synchronization with conditions, Synchronization without conditions, or the "Do not synchronize statuses" option, follow the relevant instructions below.

In the left section, you will find a list of standard Altegio service statuses. These statuses need to be synchronized with the corresponding statuses in the amoCRM funnel.


Synchronization with conditions:

• To add variations, use the button located next to the "If none of the conditions are met" dropdown list.

• Select the entities you want to use for pulling up and organizing bookings: "Service category", "Funnel", "Location," and "Employee."

• Define the status matches logically, and then save your configuration by clicking the "Save" button.

Synchronization without conditions:

• When selecting this option, syncing the statuses will be a one-time task. Please note that flexible settings for multiple funnels will not be available.

"Do not synchronize statuses" method:

• By choosing this method, you will have an empty window, as no further configuration is required.

• Bookings from Altegio will be automatically captured as deals within the funnel.

• You can manually manage the movement of these deals through Kommo according to your requirements.

Cases when It might not work

It is crucial to ensure that employees have the appropriate access rights in Altegio, which can be configured in the Settings > System settings > Users > User > Access rights section. We highly recommend granting the following access rights:

1. View the schedule and bookings.

2. Ability to modify bookings (including deleting, creating, and rescheduling).

3. Access to customer data and the ability to add customers to bookings.

4. Permission to manage services.

5. View the list of customer loyalty programs.

6. Access to client visit history.

7. Permission to view the booking list.

Furthermore, it is MANDATORY to enable the "Change WebHook settings" function in the Settings - "Change WebHook settings" section.


Developer: Digital Agency Rubikon
Website: https://myrubikon.com/