Confirmation of client's phone number in the online booking widget

In this article, we'll explore the process of configuring an automatic notification system that sends a confirmation code to clients via SMS. This code is used for two purposes: first, to authorize access to the client's personal account within the online booking widget, and secondly, to confirm the client's phone number when creating an appointment, if this option has been enabled within the online booking settings.

Important Note:

• Before sending verification codes to clients, it's important to have an SMS provider or chatbot connected.
• It's recommended to consult with your aggregator about the specific requirements and conditions for sending confirmation codes. Some telecom operators may not accept the standard template from Altegio which only contains the code. In such cases, it may be necessary to set up a custom template that includes your company name as well.
• Additionally, it's important to note that the standard size of one SMS message is limited to 69 characters. If your template includes your company name which is too long, you should consider shortening it so that the entire text of the SMS fits into one message.

The personal account in the online booking widget allows customers to perform the following actions:

1. Reschedule or cancel upcoming appointments

2. Repeat past appointments

3. View loyalty and promotional offers

4. Check the balance of memberships

5. View the balance of gift cards.

You can read more about the personal account in the booking widget here.

SMS confirmation of customer phone numbers:

To ensure the accuracy of customer phone numbers, you can enable the "Request your clients to confirm their phone number with an SMS code" option in the "Online booking" > "Settings" section. When this option is enabled, clients will need to confirm their phone number via SMS in order to complete their appointment. This feature can help prevent the creation of invalid or test appointments, resulting in a more streamlined and accurate booking process.

Customization and editing:

To customize and edit these settings, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the "Settings" section in the main menu. From "System settings" options select "Notifications".

2. Select the "Types of notifications" tab to access the relevant settings.

3. Go to the "Client notifications" section and select the "Client phone number confirmation in the online booking widget" option. Click on the "Edit" button (pencil icon) to make changes.

4. By default, the notification feature is always enabled. However, it will only be sent if there is an active integration with a notification provider that can send confirmation codes.

5. You can choose from two standard templates for your notification message. Custom templates are not currently available.

6. Once you've made your desired changes, be sure to click the "Save" button to save your settings.


You can choose from two standard templates for your notification message:

1. "Confirmation code: %CODE%"

2. "Confirmation code for %SALON_TITLE%: %CODE%"

Both templates have variables that will be automatically replaced with data when the message is sent:

  • %CODE%: the confirmation code
  • %SALON_TITLE%: the name of your company, as specified in the "Settings" > "My Location" > "Location settings" section. If no company name is specified, the location name will be used.