Follow-up invitation for no-show clients to schedule a new visit

Altegio provides an automatic notification feature that sends a message to clients who have missed a scheduled appointment or failed to show up for their booking with no future appointments booked. This notification is triggered based on a specific time period that you can set after changing the appointment status to "No-show" or canceling the visit.

This feature is designed to increase customer retention rates and encourage repeat visits.

Customization and editing

To customize and edit your notifications, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the "Notifications" tab under "Notification types" in the "System settings" section of the main menu.

2. Locate the "Notifications to the client" block and find the "Invitation to reschedule" notification type. Click the "Edit" button with the image of a pencil next to it.

3. Ensure that the notification is enabled.

4. Choose a standard template or create a customized one.

5. Set the notification timing for it to be sent.

6. Choose the conditions for when the notification will be sent. You can select one or all of the following options:

Canceled (removed) - A notification will be sent if the appointment has been canceled by either the customer or the employee.

No-show status - A notification will be sent if the appointment status is changed to "No-show".

The system will also check the client's bookings for the future. If there are no appointments scheduled, then the notification will be sent in accordance with the selected conditions.

7. Set up sending channels.

8. Click the "Save" button to apply your changes.


• Dear $CLIENT_NAME%. We regret to inform you that you missed your appointment at %SALON_NAME%. If you wish to reschedule, please use the following link: %BOOKING_LINK%.

• Your template.

Each template has variables (links to visit details). Instead of these variables, data about the booking is automatically displayed:

%CLIENT_NAME% refers to the name of the client.

%BOOKING_LINK% is the link to the main online booking form found under "Online booking" > "Online booking forms" section. If multiple forms are available, the first one from the list will be used.

%SALON_TITLE% is the company name as set in Settings > My location > Location settings. If no business name is provided, the location name will be used.