Notification about booking changes

Those are automated notifications for updated visit details

Clients receive prompt notifications whenever there are changes in their visit details. These notifications are sent immediately after any modifications related to the assigned employee, services, visit time, or date. To provide a tailored experience, you can customize the notification settings based on specific conditions. For instance, you can choose to send notifications when clients themselves make changes to their bookings or when a staff member modifies the booking.

These notifications serve as a reliable means to inform clients about any updates or modifications made to their bookings.

Customization and editing 

To customize and edit your notification settings, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the main menu and locate the "Settings" section.

2. Click on "System settings" and then select "Notifications" from the available options.

3. In the notifications menu, select the tab labeled "Notification types".

4. Within the "Client notifications" section, locate the "Booking changes" notification type. Click on the "Edit" button associated with it.

5. Check the enable status.
6. Choose a standard template or create your own.
7. Specify the condition for changing the booking time — a notification will be sent if the visit time changes by the selected value:

• Any time (send always);

• more than 5 minutes;

• more than 10 minutes;

• more than 15 minutes;

• more than 30 minutes;

• more than N (1-24) hours.

8. Determine the source of the booking change - a notification will be sent if any changes are made through the selected method. You have the flexibility to choose one or both of the following options:

Changes made by a client: For instance, if a client reschedules the booking to a different date or time online. To allow clients to make such changes independently, ensure that this option is enabled in the online booking settings. For more information about configuring these settings, refer to this article.

Changes made by an employee: Activate this option if you want clients to receive notifications when changes are made to their bookings by an employee or administrator. These changes may involve modifying details such as the assigned employee, services, date, or time. Please note that making changes to a booking requires appropriate permissions. For further details on configuring permissions, please read the following article.

9. Choose the sending channels.

10. Click the "Save" button.


• Your booking has been modified. You are scheduled for %SERVICE_TITLE% on %DATE% at %HOURMINUTES%. Details: %LINK%

• Your template

Each template includes variables that automatically are replaced with relevant visit data instead of placeholders. Here are the variables and their corresponding data:

%SERVICE_TITLE%: This variable displays the name of one or more services associated with a specific booking.

%POSITION_TITLE%: This variable represents the position of the employee. You can specify this in the "Online booking" > "Settings" section using the following options:

%MASTER_NAME%: This variable shows the name of the assigned employee.

%DATE%: This variable indicates the visit date.

%DATETIME%: This variable provides the date and time of the visit.

%DATETIME_SHORT%: Date and time in a short sms-friendly format.

%HOURMINUTES_TILL%:  This variable displays the time before the visit.

%CLIENT_NAME%: This variable represents the name of the client.

%LINK%: This variable includes a link to detailed information about the upcoming visit. If the "Allow clients to delete appointments" option is enabled in the "Online booking" > "Settings" section, clients can also cancel the appointment by clicking on this link.


An example of a notification using a standard template:

Your booking has been modified. You are scheduled for Haircut on June 1 at 19:00. Details: [link with the booking description.