Client search in the Appointment Calendar

Altegio allows you to search for clients directly within the calendar, eliminating the need to navigate to the visit window or Client Database. With this powerful tool, you can:

• Quickly search for clients by name or phone number.

• Access information about the categories assigned to each client.

• View any notes added to a customer's card.

• Explore the visit history without leaving the calendar.

• Open past or upcoming bookings/events directly from the calendar.

• Navigate to an employee's weekly schedule to find available time slots for booking a client.
• Copy client data, which will be automatically added to an individual booking when it is created.

How it works

1. In the Appointment Calendar, click the button with a smiley in the upper right corner:

2. A sidebar with a search panel for clients will open on the right-hand side.

3. Enter the client's name or phone number in the search field and select the matching option from the list. If the client's information is not displayed, yet it is correct, it means they are not added to the Client Database. In such cases, you can create a new client booking in the Appointment Calendar, and they will be automatically added to the Client Database. You can also manually create a client card in the Client Database (for more information, refer to the corresponding article).

4. Next, you can view the history of visits and appointments of the client.

The search bar will provide you with information about the client's recent bookings, the employees they have scheduled appointments with, the services they have received, the amounts paid, and the locations they have visited.


• The history of visits in the Appointment Calendar does not include information about purchased goods, discounts, and comments on the bookings. You can find this data in the client card within the visit window or in the Client Database.

• Please note that the search panel in the Appointment Calendar displays a maximum of 25 bookings. For a complete list of bookings, you can refer to the client card in the visit window or the Client Database.

To access a specific visit, simply select it from the list and click the "Open Appointment" button.

If you want to schedule a repeat appointment with a specific employee, click on the "Specialist Schedule" button. This will open the employee's schedule in the weekly calendar view, where you can select the desired time and create a new booking.

To quickly register a client, simply click the "Book the client" button. This action will automatically copy the client's information and incorporate it when creating an appointment in the Calendar.

Important note:
Please be aware that the functionality of the "Book the client" button is designed specifically for individual bookings. For group events, it is necessary to manually add the client's data.

For a note to be displayed in the search results, it must be added to the client's card either in the Client Database or within the visit window.


• The search functionality is available in the Appointment Calendar and can be accessed or closed with a single button.

• The search panel will remain open even when you switch between different days of the week in the Appointment Calendar.

• The search panel will also remain open when you switch to other calendar modes, such as employee's "Week" schedule or "Resources".

• Please note that searching for clients in the Appointment Calendar is only available in the web version of Altegio.