Online booking with membership

In certain business sectors, it is crucial to ensure that only customers who are genuinely interested in utilizing services are able to make bookings. Altegio addresses this need by providing a feature that allows businesses to restrict online bookings to clients who do not have valid memberships to the service.

How it works

In the service settings within the location interface, there is now an added functionality called "Prohibit online booking without a membership." To access this feature, navigate to "Settings" > "Services" > "Edit service"> "Online booking." Once enabled, this setting ensures that visitors without a valid membership are unable to sign up for services. This restriction guarantees that only customers with valid memberships can proceed with the online booking process.

Criteria for a valid membership include:

• The membership can be used to pay for the specific service for which a booking is being made.

• The membership status should be "Active," "Released," or "Frozen."

• The membership balance should be greater than zero, indicating available funds.

• The validity period of the membership should extend beyond the current date.

Key points to note:

• The option to book with a membership is available for both the old and new versions of the online booking system. For detailed instructions on setting up online booking, please refer to the articles provided at the provided link.

• The functionality to book with a membership is also accessible on the Altegio mobile application, provided it has been updated to the latest version.

• Booking with a membership is applicable to both group and individual services at locations where online payment is not enabled.

• In cases where a location has enabled mandatory or optional payment for online bookings, the setup for online booking without a membership will only become available after disabling online payment.

Once the setting is enabled, a new option labeled "Book with membership" will be displayed on the online booking form. The color of the badge will adjust to match the main color of the online booking widget's design.

During the booking creation process, the system performs a validation check to verify the presence of a valid membership. If a valid membership is found, the client will be able to proceed with signing up for the desired service.

In situations where the booking involves multiple services that require different memberships, as long as the necessary memberships are available, the booking will be successfully processed for all selected services.

Upon successfully completing a booking, the personal account section of the widget will display the booked services in the "My bookings" section. In this section, each service will be visibly marked with the "Book with membership" badge, indicating that the booking was made using a valid membership.

Key points to highlight:

1. It is essential to create and sell the membership to the client in advance. The membership serves as a prerequisite for utilizing the function described.

2. For the function to operate seamlessly, the client must sign up online using the same phone number to which the membership was originally sold.

3. If the client attempts to sign up for a service without possessing a suitable membership or if the membership's validity period has expired, they will encounter a message stating: "You do not have a suitable membership or its validity period has expired." It is important to note that if the client holds an active membership for another service or if the membership has expired, they will be unable to proceed with the sign-up process.
4. The cancellation process for a booking with a membership is performed in the same manner as a regular booking. Clients can follow the standard cancellation procedure to cancel their booking, regardless of whether it was made with a membership or not.

During the transfer or rebooking of an appointment, the system conducts a verification process to ensure that the conditions for having a membership and setting up services are met.

If the “Automatic debiting of membership” option is enabled in the service settings, then the automatic debiting occurs in accordance with a separate setting, that is, at the time of cancellation of the appointment, it is not necessary to control the balance of the membership.