Digital cards from LoyalCards

Benefits from using digital cards from LoyalCards:

  • Wallet Card Convenience

With our solution, customers don't need to download additional apps - loyalty cards will be automatically available in their contactless payment apps.

  • Quick Card Issuance

Just a few steps - scan a QR code, fill out a form, and your customer gets their personalized loyalty card. Using the Telegram bot - registration is possible in 2 clicks.

  • Flexible Card Delivery Methods

Customers can receive their digital card - via QR code, SMS, link, or Telegram bot.

  • Automatic Card Updates

Your customers will always be informed of their balance and discounts as the cards update with each visit and parameter change.

  • Push Notifications

Notifications on the customer's card will help you maintain relationships with your audience, reminding them of visits, offering special promotions, or notifying them of important events.

  • Location-Based Notifications

Interact with customers who are nearby your location.

  • Information on the Back of the Card:

We provide the opportunity to place contact information, links to your website and social networks, any other information on the back of the card.

  • Telegram Chatbot

Using the Telegram bot will simplify the registration of new customers and their appointment for services, remind them of a scheduled visit. It can help confirm, change, or cancel a scheduled visit. It can be used to send text messages and images to all registered customers, making communication with your audience more engaging and effective.

  • Customization

We understand that every business is unique. That's why only the basic functionality of our service is available in the test version. After connecting the application, we will configure the system according to your needs: connect the necessary loyalty program for new customers, add the ability to use a referral program, develop the design and content of the card.


This video explores key aspects of integrating the LoyalCards service with Altegio, options for registering new clients and issuing loyalty cards, sending push notifications, informing clients about point accrual and redemption, changing discount percentages, and scheduling appointments.


Connect to our application today to increase the efficiency of your business and make customers more loyal! Our service will help you reach new heights in business.


Up-to-date information about tariffs on the website


Connection within 5 minutes

  1. In your Altegio account go to the Integrations > Loyalty and select the «LoyalCards» application or press the link.
  2. On the page that opens, click the «Connect» button

3. After connecting the app, you will receive an email from "" with a link to confirm your address and set a password for your personal account, located at

In your personal account, on the "Card Distribution" tab (QR code image), you will find a QR code and a link that customers can use to fill out a form and receive a loyalty card in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.
Creating an account occurs after payment of the selected tariff, design approval of the cards, necessary form data, additional information placed on the card, and other related questions are settled.



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