Altegio & Chategy ( SMS, WhatsApp & Telegram)

With CHATEGY, your salon can quickly enhance client communication by integrating effective chat strategies via WhatsApp and Telegram, fostering better engagement and streamlined interactions.

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👧 Customers will be happy: they respond more actively on WhatsApp, joke, chat, and leave feedback. And you'll save money by sending SMS only to those who don't have WhatsApp and other messengers.

💻 Comfortable personal account will show delivery statuses, payment dates, recommend beautiful templates, and more!

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Service features notifications:

💬 Chat right in the Altegio interface

✅ Automatic visit confirmations

❗ Reminder of an upcoming appointment 

⭐ Review Request

🎂 Birthday greeting

🛍 Reminder of repeat visit, mass blasts

🤖 Chatbot that helps your customers get answers to basic questions 

📝 Daily reports on your salon's main metrics, such as records, conversations, and more

✉️ Cascading messages: sending SMS to those who don't have WhatsApp and other messengers or if WhatsApp is offline 


  • Small business for small salons (1-2 persons) - 15$ - Standart integration of WhatsApp & Telegram with your CRM
  • Standard - 45$ - Standart integration of WhatsApp & Telegram with your CRM
  • PRO - Mass mailings, chatbot, review page, additional Altegio notification (visit confirmation)
  • MAX - Unlimited messages, additional Altegio notifications (upsell, an invitation to come again), review in the bot, and so more

How to setup

  • Click on “connect” in the integrations 
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  • Click “yes” in the pop-up, that you agree to share your data
  • Follow the instructions in the chategy workspace

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