Online sales of memberships and gift cards

To effectively sell memberships and gift cards online, it's essential to establish a robust online sales system. This includes configuring the online sales widget and meticulously defining the various categories of memberships and gift cards available.

1. Setting up Online Sales

Online sales of memberships and gift cards are configured in the chain interface. Altegio offers two types of spaces: locations and chains.

• In the location, the menu sections on the left are highlighted in yellow 
• Chain - purple 


To go to the chain interface, follow these steps:

• Click on the location name in the top left corner.
• Select the chain you need from the drop-down list.

Connecting to the Online Payment Service

To enable online payment acceptance, it's necessary to integrate with a payment service. Detailed instructions for this process can be found in the article Stripe Online Payment.”

Once you've established a connection with the online payment service, proceed to the chain section Online sales > Settings (note: to access this section, your user profile must have the Settings - System settings> Users> Manage users access right). In this section, navigate to the Payment tab, choose the payment method “Stripe” and input the integration parameters you've received — “Publishable key” and “Secret key” — into the corresponding fields.

The required parameters for integration can be found in your personal dashboard on Stripe:

• The “Publishable Key” is located under the “Developers” - “API keys” section.

• To obtain the “Secret Key”, navigate to the “Developers” - “API keys” section and generate the key there.
• And “Signing secret” is located in the “Developers” - “Webhook” section. Click the URL you see in the "Endpoints" line. After clicking on the field with the URL, click on the “Reveal” inscription, the “Signing secret” is hidden in it, copy the key from this field.

In the “Location” field, specify the destination for the proceeds from online sales (this action will result in the automatic creation of a separate cash register for the chosen location). Additionally, enter the Email address where notifications of new orders will be received, and ensure to save these configurations.

Should there be a requirement to allocate revenue across various sites within the chain, please reach out to your account manager or refer to the subsequent instructions provided.

All categories of memberships and gift cards intended for online sales must be applicable and honored at the specified location.

On the Stripe checkout page, the name of the membership or gift card will be displayed, taken from the "Name on receipt" field in the product card settings, under the "Inventory" - "Products" section of your chain, rather than the "Name for online sales" found in the membership type settings.

Without the Integration of an Online Payment Service

If you intend to accept payments through alternative means (such as direct bank transfers), configure this within the Online sales > Settings section, under the Payment tab. Here, you'll need to choose the "Other method" option. For detailed guidance on utilizing this method, please consult the additional information provided here.

2. Configuration for Multiple Locations

Establish a distinct chain for each individual location. For comprehensive instructions on chain creation and its linkage to a location, refer to the Main chain settings article.

In these chains, devise and fine-tune the types of memberships and gift cards. Any loyalty programs instituted within a chain will be exclusively valid and observable at the corresponding location. Detailed procedures for setting up various loyalty programs are available in the Loyalty program section.

If your objective is to distribute income solely among the locations under one legal entity, there is no necessity to create separate accounts on Stripe — simply input the identical details as provided in the main chain.

In contrast, if there is a requirement to segregate financial flows between multiple legal entities, it is imperative to forge individual agreements with Stripe for each entity.

Configuring Memberships and Gift Cards

Navigate to the Loyalty > Type of memberships / Gift card types section within the chain.

Choose the membership/gift card type that you wish to include in the widget, or establish a new one. For detailed guidance on creating a new membership type, please refer to this article, and for instructions on creating a new gift card type, refer to this article.

Within the General settings > Settings tab, activate the ‘Availability for sale online’ feature.

In the subsequent menu, input a title for the online sale, upload an image, enter a description, and set a price that will be visible to the customer on the booking form.

may vary from the actual cost as designated in the settings of the gift card or membership type:

If the selling price of the gift card type differs from its par value, a discount field will appear in the online sales widget.

For memberships, the discount field will not be displayed. Should there be a need to indicate that the membership is being offered at a discounted price, this information can be incorporated into the “Title for sale online.”

Recommendations for Uploading an Image

It's advisable to use images with a minimum size of 288 x 184 pixels and a maximum file size of 12 Megabytes.
Horizontal image orientation is preferred, as vertical images will be automatically cropped to fit a horizontal format.
After uploading an image, please allow a duration of 5-10 seconds for the photo to be fully uploaded to the server.
Once this process is complete, you may proceed to save the settings for the membership/gift card type.

Ensure to save your configurations by clicking the "Save" button located at the bottom of the page.


• Upon completion of an online sale, a unique code will be automatically generated and assigned to the membership/gift card. Please note that this code is fixed and cannot be altered post-issuance.

• It is crucial that the membership/gift card is accessible at the location indicated in the “Location” field during the setup of your online sale.

Widget Configuration

Access the Online sales > Settings section in the chain interface and select the “Widget” tab. This section becomes available only after the online payment service details have been entered.

Verify that the company details (such as name, contact information, and logo) are accurate. If adjustments are needed, these can be made in the location interface under Settings> Locations settings and Settings > Business information.

In the subsequent section, you have the option to craft a message that clients will view in the widget, along with a personal data processing agreement. If these fields are left blank, they will not appear in the form. Review the agreement template and complete the necessary details: organization name, contact information, address, specific details, and license number (if applicable for medical services).

Activate the “Send an automatic email to the client after purchase” feature. Post-purchase, clients will receive an email containing the membership or gift card they purchased. A sample email is available via a link in the settings for reference. Note that the sample letter might not display all location-specific data; however, the actual email sent to clients will include the correct details.

Upon finalizing your configurations, remember to save these settings and activate the widget. Importantly, if you enable the widget after having saved the settings initially, it is necessary to click the “Save” button once more to ensure that all changes, including the activation of the widget, are properly applied and saved.

To view the widget as your customers would, copy the link to the widget and paste it into browser search section. Please note, the widget only becomes active when the “Enable widget” setting is turned on.

The link to the online sales widget is auto-generated in a manner akin to the online booking widget.

After activating the widget, you have the option to incorporate an online sale button into your online listing widget. 

To Add a Button to a Widget

Navigate to “Online booking” > “Online booking links” within the location interface. Select the desired one by either clicking on its name or the “Set up” button. Scroll down to the “Sale of memberships and gift cards” field. Ensure to click the “Save” button after making any changes.

The color of the button will align with the primary color specified in the widget design settings.


Important Considerations

• If the widget is configured for chain-wide use, it is not possible to set up an online sales button within it.

• To have the button appear in a chain widget, you must select the appropriate chain in the “Use online sales settings from the chain” field within the main form (excluding additional or chain forms). However, in this scenario, the button will only be displayed in the widget of the specific location where this setting is applied.

• To ensure the online sales button is visible when selecting any location within the chain widget, you need to configure the online sale button in the main widget for each location individually.

For detailed instructions on creating and configuring online booking widgets, please refer to the provided guidelines.

Once saved, the sales form can be accessed via a direct link. This link can be shared with clients or promoted on social media platforms to enhance visibility and accessibility.