Processing online orders without integrating an online payment service

When configuring the online sale of memberships and gift cards, if you have integrated an online payment service, the processing of orders and their progression to the intended status will occur automatically.

However, if you opt for alternative payment methods (such as direct bank transfers), you will need to specify this choice by selecting the Other method option within the Online sales > Settings section, under the “Payment” tab. It is important to note that orders will require manual processing in this scenario.

This article focuses on the setup and manual processing of online sales in the absence of an online payment service integration. You can find comprehensive guidelines for establishing online sales of memberships and gift cards in the linked instructions.


Access the chain interface and navigate to the Online sales > Settings section. Within this section, proceed to the “Payment” tab.

Choose the payment method by selecting the option “Other method”.

In the subsequent “Location” field, designate the specific location where the funds from online sales should be directed. Note that a separate cash desk will be automatically set up in the chosen location for this purpose. Enter the Email address where notifications of new orders will be sent.

Finalize these configurations by clicking on the “Save” button.

If there is a requirement to allocate revenue across different locations within the chain, it is advisable to reach out to your manager for assistance and further guidance.


Online Order Processing

When opting for an alternative payment method, such as bank transfers or cash payments, you'll need to manually process orders. Here's how to do it:

Navigate to Online sales > Sales list in your system. Filter the orders by the “Pending payment” status and select “Show”.

Provide the client with the necessary payment details. You can find the client's contact information in the “Client” field of the order.

Proceed to either confirm or reject the order. The order status will then update to either “Paid” or “Canceled”, based on your selected action.

If the order status is changed to “Paid”, a sales transaction will be recorded in the location you specified in your settings. You can review this sale under the Finance > Financial operations or Inventory > Inventory operations sections.

To process a return in the system, select the return button adjacent to the “Paid” status. This action will remove all transactions associated with that payment.

Note that the actual refund to the client must be handled manually and will depend on the method of payment used.