Managing group events in the mobile application

In the Altegio mobile application, users have the ability to manage both individual appointments and group events.

If you have already started using Appointment Calendar in the web version, you will be able to see all this information in the mobile application as well. Additionally, within the app, you can edit and delete events, manage visits (change status, process payments, apply loyalty programs).

To create a group booking for clients, it is necessary to initially set the appropriate parameters and configure group services in the web version of the program. For more details on this, read here.

After setting up group events in the web version, they can be managed in the mobile application.

To create a group event in the mobile application:

Go to the "Schedule" tab at the bottom.

Select an employee and time, press on an empty slot, in the pop-up window select "Event" type and the exact time for the event creation.

In the same way, you can add a break for an employee in the Appointment Calendar by selecting "Break" type. For more information on setting up the schedule and breaks through the mobile application, read here.

In the newly opened window, provide the main information about the event:

– Select a service. Only those services that are assigned to the selected employee will be available for booking. If there are many services, you can use the search function. Only one service can be added to the event.

– The employee, date, time, and capacity of the event will be specified, but you can change them.

– Fill in the additional settings if necessary:

– Add or change resources. If a resource is already assigned to a service, it will be automatically selected when creating the event.

– Choose a booking category. Custom booking categories can be created in advance in the web version of the program; read more about this here.

– Change the duration of the event. By default, the duration specified in the service or employee settings will be selected.

– Change the color of the event.
– Click on the "Create an event" button.

After that, the event will appear in the Calendar, and you will be able to work with it. Immediately after creating the event, you can add clients or you can return to adding clients later. Also, if online booking is enabled in the service settings, clients will be able to book themselves through the widget.

The cost of the event is taken from the service settings, but it can be changed for a specific client. For more details on this, read the article below.

Managing a Group Event

After creating an event, you can view, edit, reschedule, delete it, and register clients to it.


Click on the event in the Calendar to continue.

To change the event's details, click on the edit button.
In the opened window, you can change the employee, service, date and time, capacity, resources, categories, duration, and color.
After making changes, click "Save".

To delete the event, press the button with a trash can icon and confirm the deletion.

Registering Clients for an Event

To register a client, click the "Add" button on the event.

In the window that opens, fill in the required information: phone number and name. You can also provide an email if necessary.

If you have enabled the option "Add extra seats to event bookings" in the Calendar settings, you can specify a larger number of seats when registering. The maximum number is also regulated in the Calendar settings. If this setting is not enabled, the number will always be 1.

Extra seats in the event allow clients to make bookings for themselves and their friends or family members without the need to register each visitor separately. In this way of booking, nothing changes in the client database; all extra seats will be listed under the phone number of one client.

You can account for the visit of a child or another person even if they do not have their own phone number. To do this, check the "Book a guest visit on behalf of a client" option and provide their name. Afterwards, you can view the visit history and visitor data on the client's card in the web version of the program (for more details, see the article under the heading "Booking a visitor for an event").

After filling in the information, click the "Enroll" button. All registered clients will be displayed in the event.

Editing a Client's Registration in an Event

You can edit information for already registered clients: change client data, add categories, comments, product sales, change the service cost, and add consumables.

Open the event in the Appointment Calendar and click on the name of the client or visitor.

In the window that opens, click on the edit button to change the client's registration data in the event.

Data that can be changed:

– Client (phone, name, email). If the fields "Surname" and/or "Middle name" are enabled in your location in the web version, they will also be displayed in the mobile application. Read more about setting up surname and middle name here.
Categories. You can add or change a category for a client. Read more about client categories in the article.
Comment. Add a comment, which will then be displayed when viewing data on the client in the event and in the visit history.

Data that cannot be changed for an individual client in the event:

– Services. Additional services cannot be added either, as there can only be one service.
– Employee.
– Resources.
– Date and time.
– Duration.
– Color.

All data related to event settings are edited directly in the event itself.

To add a consumable, discount, or change the cost of a service, click on its name.

In the window that opens, specify the new price or discount. To add a consumable, click on the appropriate button, select the consumable from the list or apply a bill of materials. Then, specify the quantity, select the inventory, and click "Add". To apply the changes, click "Save".

To add a product sale to the visit, press the "Add sale" button.

In the window that opens, select a product from the list or use the search function. Edit the product sale information if necessary; the "Price" and "Discount" fields are editable, click on the number to enter a new value. You can also change the employee selling the product and the inventory.

If you are selling a membership or a gift card with a code, enter the subscription/certificate code in the appropriate field at the top. To generate the code automatically, click on the image with a circular arrow.

After making changes, press the "Save" button.
To delete an added product, click on its name in the "Goods and memberships" field through the trash can icon.

To be able to add products and consumables to visits in the mobile application, they must first be created in the web version of the program. More details can be read here.

Finalize the visit. You can change the visit status ("Waiting", "Arrived", "No-show", "Confirmed") and proceed to payment.

To remove a client from the event, click on the trash can icon in the top right corner. After clicking this button, a pop-up message will appear: "Are you sure you want to delete the booking?", click "Yes" to delete it. Afterward, the client or visitor will be removed from the event.

Payment for the Visit

You can make a payment using the quick payment buttons "Cash" and "Card", or "Split payment".

You can also apply loyalty programs during the visit.

In the "Loyalty" section, all the client's loyalty options available for this visit are displayed. If you need to apply loyalty not tied to the client, use the search by code (the search field in the "Loyalty" section).

For split payments:

– Press the "Split payment" button.
– Enter the amount to be paid, select the appropriate cash register, and press the "Pay" button.
– Press the "Add payment" button.
– Select the required cash register and press "Pay". If necessary, change the amount if the payment needs to be split further.

Payments can be deleted using the trash can button located next to the amount of payment made.

Client Interaction

If a client is added to an event, you can contact them directly from the visit window; you can also view information from their card if you have the appropriate permissions. Management is carried out using buttons located opposite the client's name:

You can call the client by phone or contact them via WhatsApp (if the client is not registered on WhatsApp, an error will appear).

To view client information, press the button with three dots.

Choose an action:

"Client details": Here, you can edit the client's card with their data: name, phone, email, gender, date of birth, note, additional field (if created, read more about additional fields in the article). You can also see the number of visits, how much was sold and paid, balance (this is the difference between the values "Sold" and "Paid", which can be edited), add a card number, importance class, preliminary discount, and upload files. If the fields "Surname" and/or "Patronymic" are enabled in your branch in the web version of the program, these fields will also be displayed in the mobile application (read more about setting up surname and middle name here).

Important: On iOS, it is currently only possible to upload photos to a client's card, while Android allows the upload of other formats (all available formats: jpeg, jpg, png, gif, doc, docx, pdf, xls, xlsx, txt).

If you have an SMS aggregator or chatbot connected, you can also add the client to a birthday greeting mailing list or exclude the client from SMS mailings.

"Visit history": The page that opens will display the entire visit history of the client with information about the bookings. To view more detailed information about a booking, click on the field with an arrow.

"Customer loyalty": Here, you can view information about loyalty programs available to the client (cards, promotions, memberships, and gift cards) and issue them a card. Loyalty is configured in the chain interface in the web version of the program.

To issue a loyalty card, press the "+" button in the top right corner. In the window that opens, select the type of card, enter its number (or leave the field blank for the number to be generated automatically), and press "Add card".

Event Repetition

Any event can be set to repeat automatically. This feature eliminates the need to create a new event in the schedule each time and allows for the preservation of events along with bookings and client data.

To create event repetitions:

– Open the event you want to repeat.

– Press the button with arrows in the top right corner.

On the opened page, fill in the details:

Repeat the template — create a new template or select an already created one. To create a template, press "New template", specify the name and the frequency of repetitions (daily, on weekdays, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, Tuesday/Thursday, every week, every month, every year) then press "Save". After creating, return back and select the newly created template.

Start date and end replay

Select the "Start date and time". For the end, you can choose a date or by the number of events (in this case, specify the maximum number of repeats).

Choose how the events will be repeated: without bookings or with bookings and clients.

Press "Save" to create the repeats.
In the web version of the program, you can also set up an event schedule. If the schedule was created in the web, a banner will appear in the mobile application within the event indicating that the event is part of a series.

Additionally, the cards for such events will be marked with a special symbol of repeat arrows. If repetitions for events were created through the mobile application or through the "Repetition" function in the web version of the program, then such events will not have special mark.