FAQ: Changes to Plan Conditions as of March 15th

Question Answer
What will change in your pricing? Starting March 15, we are changing the terms of our plans. The price per employee will remain unchanged. However, now each user who is not directly associated with an employee will be considered as an additional employee and a fee will be charged for their use. This decision was made to improve the terms of use of our product and bring it closer to the standards of leading global SaaS systems.
How will this affect new clients? For new clients, this model offers a clear and transparent structure for calculations, allowing for accurate budget planning and guaranteeing that every user receives high-quality service. Switching to this model also motivates companies to optimize their user list, ensuring that each one adds value to business operations.
Why did you decide to change the pricing model? We aim to meet industry standards and improve the terms of use of our product. The new pricing model will allow us to better reflect the value that our users bring while maintaining competitive prices. This approach supports the continuous development of the product and the introduction of new innovative features, improving customer satisfaction and success.
What steps can existing clients take in response to the changes? Existing clients can extend their subscription under the current terms until March 14 inclusive, to maintain the previous pricing structure for the duration of the subscription. We are also ready to help our clients adapt to the changes and answer any questions.
How do price and value correlate? By switching to the new pricing model, we continue to be committed to offering our product at a competitive price. We believe that the value our product provides, including new features and continuous improvements, exceeds the cost we offer. Our goal is to offer a premium product and service that meet the business needs of our clients and contribute to their growth.
Will there be individual packages or discounts for large user bases? This can be considered, depending on the specific case and within the framework of one-time discounts. We expect that clients will remove unnecessary users and link them with employees.
If I have an old subscription - can I also add an unlimited number of users until the subscription expires? Yes, that's correct. Until the expiration of the current subscription, you have the opportunity to add an unlimited number of users to the system.
Do I need to pay for a system user who is related to integration? If the integration is done through the Altegio marketplace, then you do not need to pay for such a user. If you did the integration yourself, such a user needs to be paid for.
I am a director and do not provide any services, only control. Do I have to pay extra for myself? No. The main user in the system will remain free of charge.
Will there also be a limit for the chain interface? There is no answer for that yet.
If a user is not directly associated with an employee, can a separate, more affordable fee be arranged for them? For instance, purchasing additional user access at a discounted rate. All employees are priced at a single price, however, standard discount conditions apply for chains.
If a user is present in 10 branches, are they considered payable in each of the 10 branches? Yes, that's correct.