Placing Promotions (Stories) in Aunio

The Aunio mobile app now has the capability to place stories with promotions on company cards.

The placement of promotions in the Aunio app is in beta testing, and you can participate in it. To participate in the beta testing and to place a promotion, you need to contact your Altegio manager, whose contact details can be found in the "Overview" > "Summary" section, and send them all the materials listed below in this article.

Display of Promotions

Each promotion is displayed as a separate thumbnail with a cover and text. Clicking on the thumbnail will open the story with the promotion. There can be one story or several. You can add a picture and a button for online booking to the story.

After placing, the promotions will be displayed on the company's card:

Each promotion consists of several rectangular pictures - thumbnails.

A promotion thumbnail can have text or be without it. If the thumbnail includes text, the text will be displayed at the bottom of the picture, and a background dimming will appear under it.

If there are multiple promotions, they will be displayed in a carousel format.

The sequence of promotions displayed is by the date of addition. The most recently added promotion will be displayed first.

Display of Stories

The story is displayed as an image (with or without text; if with text, it should be added directly to the image).

If desired, a button for online booking can be added, allowing clients to book immediately.

Adding a Promotion to Your Company's Card in the App

To add a promotion to your company's card in the app, contact your Altegio manager to place the promotion in the Aunio app. Their contact details can be found in the
"Overview" > "Summary" section.

To place a promotion, you will need to provide:

A thumbnail of the promotion that will be displayed on the location screen in Aunio.

Image size: at least 120 x 138 px (aspect ratio 1.15:1).

Available image formats: png and jpg/jpeg.

Additionally, you can provide text for the thumbnail. It will be displayed over the thumbnail image. Text is optional; the thumbnail can be placed without it. Also, you can embed the text directly into the image and provide us with the image that includes text.

Maximum text length: 70 characters.

As images for stories that will open when clicking on the promotion thumbnail: you can place several pictures for one promotion.

If text is needed on the picture, place it on the image yourself and provide the picture already with the text.

Image size: at least 667 x 375 px (aspect ratio 16:9).

Available image formats: png and jpg/jpeg.

If you want a "Book" button to be included in the story, please provide your link to the online booking widget. It can be found in the "Online booking" > "Online booking links" section.

If you want to track the number of bookings made through the promotion, we recommend creating a separate link for online booking.

You can also copy the online booking link from the browser if you need a specific step in the widget.

When clicking on the "Book" button, the link you provided will open.

Only a link to your online booking widget in Altegio can be placed; external links cannot be placed. If you do not wish to include a "Book" button, then do not provide a link.

Promotions created in the chain section "Loyalty" > "Promotions" do not affect their placement in Aunio stories.