How to Disable Cashback Display in Aunio

In the mobile application Aunio, the option to display cashback for loyalty cards and the associated promotions has been introduced. For more details about all the cashback features in the app, read the article.

If you prefer your customers not to see cashback in Aunio, you can disable its display in the app at any time. For example, in cases where non-current promotions are linked to the loyalty card or for any reason customers should not see accrued bonuses in the app.

To do this:

In the Altegio chain interface, go to the "Loyalty" section > "Card Types".

Click on the name of the card for which you want to disable cashback display.

On the opened page, at the bottom in the "Display cashback for this card in Aunio" field, select "Do not display" and click "Save".

After this, the client will not see the cashback and its details for the card and the attached promotions on the main page and on the company's page. However, they will still be able to access the loyalty card in the old version from their personal account (in future updates, access to the old version of cashback will be unavailable).

Once the cashback display for the card is disabled, changes for the client will take place instantly. There's no need to reinstall or re-enter the application; simply refresh the main page by pulling it down.