Updates to Altegio Service Terms

Since its inception, Altegio has been helping service-based businesses increase revenue by offering better business management tools. Altegio is now changing how its service operates and is initiating a process to increase transparency in administrative operations.

The transition to a new pricing system will simplify the platform's workflow, moving from the concept of "user" to a unified concept of "employee," while significantly enhancing security, which is a top priority for Altegio.

Altegio is also introducing new features that will allow business owners to better track administrative performance, measure KPIs, and most importantly, calculate salaries based on actual employee results. The major change is that companies will now pay for administrators just like they do for service-providing employees.

Key Role - Client Interaction

Employees who handle client data and process payments impact a company's revenue as much as those who provide services. Business owners need to have a clear view of what's happening with their revenue and accounting while being completely confident in their financial security.

Changes That We Implement

Enhanced Account Protection
Specifically, two-step authentication via email and push notifications in the mobile app for employees.

New "Security" Section
Employees with extended access rights can view a list of logs for critical events: service logins, data exports, editing, and deletion of critical data. They can see who performed these actions, when, and from which devices. This allows owners to better protect the client database and the most sensitive data.

Core Product Change
The concept of "user" is being replaced with "employee" and "role." This will facilitate faster training for new administrators and managers, helping them reach target performance indicators more quickly. This change aims to improve the operational efficiency of your business.

New Role "Call Center"
This is an important change for chains and companies that use the services of remote administrators.

Factors Affecting Subscription Cost

Under the new terms, the cost of a subscription will depend not only on the number of service-providing employees but also on the number of employees interacting with clients. The requirement to pay for a non-service-providing employee depends on a key parameter: the ability to create appointments in the Appointement Calendar and process payments. Primarily, this change impacts administrators, who will now require payment.

All other roles that were free will remain free. Thus, SMM managers, marketers, accountants, and other staff who don't have the right to create records and process payments will stay free. Given the unique role of a business owner, a single owner with full rights who doesn't provide services will also remain free.

If you have any questions about whether your subscription cost will change, contact your account manager. You can find their contact information in the Overview > Summary section.