How to Integrate the Meta App with Altegio for Instagram and Facebook Booking

This guide will help you connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts to Altegio using the Meta app, enabling the "Book Now" button on your social media profiles. Follow these steps to set up the integration:

Connect the Meta App from the Marketplace

Log in to your Altegio account and navigate to the Integrations section from panel on the left side. 

In the search bar enter the Meta keyword to locate and add the app to your account.

Connect to Meta

Open the Meta app within Altegio and click the Connect button.

You will be redirected to the Settings tab. Choose the online booking form you wish your clients to see on your Facebook or Instagram page.

To add a "Book Now" button to your Instagram or Facebook, you must have a business account Facebook. If you don't have one, create an account here before connecting this integration. Please note that booking button cannot be placed on personal pages.

Once you have selected your online booking form, click Next 

and then, the Activate button.

You will be redirected to Facebook. Click the Next button to allow the connection.

Choose Your Social Media Account

Select whether you want to add the "Book Now" button to your Facebook or Instagram accounts. Select the accounts you want to run the integration for. Follow the onscreen instructions provided by Facebook. On the final step, confirm the account selection and proceed.

Allow a few minutes before the integration connection takes place. Don't close the window you might be seeing below.

Later, you will see a success page, notifying you about integration being all set.

Finalize the Button Setup on Facebook

If you are setting up for Facebook, visit your Facebook page. Click on the three dotted menu on the right and select "Edit Action Button" from the drop down list. 

Choose the appropriate button to finalize the setup.

Click the "Change Button" button, select the "Book now" option and click Next.

You will be redirected to another screen with a preselected Altegio-powered Scheduling tool. 

Click the Save button to conform the changes.

To see how the button looks on your Facebook page, go to the tree dotted menu on the right and select the View As mode.

You will see the Book Now button from your page visitor's perspective. Don't forget to click the Exit View As button above to exit the mode.

Test the Integration

Upon successful connection you will notice a green "Connected" badge under Integrations> Installed Apps section.

Once everything is set up, test the "Book Now" button to ensure it functions correctly and redirects to the appropriate booking widget in Altegio.

By following these steps, you can enhance your social media presence and make it easier for clients to book appointments directly from Instagram or Facebook. If you encounter any issues during the setup process, contact Altegio support for further assistance.