User roles +

At Altegio, managers and supervisors can control user access to important information and platform features. For instance, access to client contacts and colleagues' schedules.

Properly configured access rights allow employees to work only with the necessary sections and data, while managers can ensure the protection of business-critical information.

Using the "Role" setting, the owner or manager can easily and quickly configure the necessary access rights for location users.

What is this and how does it work?
The role must be selected when inviting a user to the location, and it can also be assigned to an existing user. Roles can be changed, edited, and copied later. More details can be found in this article below.

Each role is assigned a specific set of recommended access rights, which are enabled automatically, as well as a set of additional rights that can be enabled if necessary.

The following roles are available for configuration:

  • Specialist: Provides services.
  • Administrator: Responsible for appointments and their payments.
  • Call Center (new role): Consults clients and creates appointments.
  • Accountant: Responsible for payroll calculations.
  • Manager: Manages the location.
  • Owner: Has all access rights.

The list of all access rights corresponding to each role can be viewed when sending an invitation or configuring a role.

Setting up a new user's role

Go to the main menu and navigate to the Billing section > Subscription, then click the "Manage" button under the "Subscription Plan" section.

Click on the name of any of the already added employees who do not provide services.

In the upper right corner, click the "Add access" button.

Enter the name and phone number or email of the employee (if you are inviting an existing user, provide the phone number or email they use to log into Altegio). Specify the position if necessary.

Below, select the role from the list and the employee to whom the user will be attached (selecting an employee is only necessary for the "Specialist" role; in other cases, it is not required), and configure the access rights.

If you need more options, choose a role with extended rights or enable additional rights for the selected role. For more details on editing roles and access rights, refer to the article below.

Changes We Are Introducing

Enhanced Account Security:

  • Specifically, two-factor authentication via email and push notifications in the mobile app for employees.
  • In the new "Security" section, employees with extended access rights can view a log of critical events: service logins, data exports, editing, and deletion of critical data. They can see who performed these actions, when, and from which devices. This allows owners to better protect the client base and the most sensitive data.

Core Product Change:

  • The concept of "user" is being replaced with "employee" and "role". This change will facilitate faster training of new administrators and managers, enabling them to reach their performance targets more quickly. Everything is aimed at improving the operational efficiency of your business.

New Role: "Call Center":

  • This is an important change for chains and companies that use remote administrators' services.

Next, at the bottom, click the "Send" button and choose either "Send" or "Send and invite more" if you want to proceed with inviting another user.

Editing the Role and Access Rights of an Existing User

User roles and access rights can be changed and edited. If a user was previously invited but not assigned a role, a role can also be assigned.

To edit:

Go to the main menu, navigate to the Billing section > Subscription, and click the "Manage" button in the "Subscription Plan" section. Click on the user's name or role and go to the "Access rights" tab.

To change the role, click the "Edit" button in the "Role" field. If you revert to a previous role, the settings will be preserved.

To change the employee (for the "Specialist" role) associated with this user, select an employee from the drop-down list. If you need to remove the association between the employee and the user, click on their name and select "Not selected."

To grant or remove rights for the role, click the three dots in the "Access rights" field and select the necessary option.

To grant or remove all rights to a section, use the toggle switch.

To add additional access rights, click the arrow to the right of the toggle switch. In the expanded list, select the necessary options or check the boxes.
To grant or remove rights for a section, click the three dots next to its name and select the necessary option.

Finally, click the "Save" button.

Copying Access Rights

To avoid setting the same access rights multiple times, they can be copied for another user. Copying rights is available both at the invitation stage and for users already added to the location.

To copy rights:

Go to the main menu, navigate to the Billing section > Subscription, and click the "Manage" button in the "Subscription Plan" section.

Click on the user's name or role and go to the "Access rights" tab.

On the opened page, in the "Access rights" field, click the copy button.

Select the user from the list whose rights need to be copied. You can use the search function to find the user. Click the "Apply" button.

The copied rights will then be added to the user's settings.