Online Payment Settings in Altegio

After selecting a partner for online payment processing and connecting it to the Altegio system (e.g., more about connecting Stripe), you need to configure settings on the Altegio side. When setting up payment methods, you can only choose one system for receiving payments, but you can use different payment systems for different methods simultaneously.

Important: Altegio does not charge a fee for payments; the bank fee depends on the chosen partner.

Types of Online Payments

Altegio offers the following types of online payments:

Prepayment in the Online Booking Form: Clients can pay for services directly in the widget during online booking. To enable this, you need to select the services and/or employees for which online payment will be connected. More about setting up online prepayment can be found here.

Payment for Visits and Goods via Link: An administrator can send a payment link to the client by any convenient method: SMS, email, messenger, or social network. Detailed description in the article.

Online Sale of Memberships and Gift Cards: Detailed description in the article.

Next, we will discuss the general settings for connecting online payment methods. More detailed settings for each method can be found in the articles linked above.

Connection and Setup

Go to Finance > Online Payments or Settings > Finance > Online Payments.

Select the non-cash payment methods: "Payment via Link," "Prepayment via Online Booking Form," or "Online Sales of Memberships and Gift Cards" and click on the "Connect" or "Set up" button.

In the "Online payments" section at the location, all online payment methods are configured, except for the online sale of memberships and gift cards. After clicking the "Set up" button on the card of this method, the "Online sales" section will open. Detailed online sales settings are described here.

You can learn more about the details of each online payment method. To do this, click on the "How it works" button on the settings card, and a pop-up window with a description and examples will open.