Altegio features

Altegio is a powerful and easy-to-use cloud platform for automating business processes of service companies.

Thanks to Altegio you can use the most advanced technologies: online booking widget, mobile application developed individually for your brand, financial and inventory contol, detailed analytics, loyalty program, SMS and Email newsletters to customers and employees, IP telephony, all of this and so much more.

Online booking widget

  • Intuitive widget design is customized according to your brand style
  • Sipmle widget installation on the website and partner platforms
  • Fast operation speed on all smartphones and tablets
  • Employee reviews
  • Confirmation of the client's phone number via SMS
  • Automatic SMS notifications (booking information, visit reminder, feedback request and other templates)
  • Online payment for the selected service
  • Booking to several specialists and for several services
  • Hints about the nearest free time
  • Client personal account: visits history and loyalty cards, cancellation and rescheduling of the visit
  • Widget translation to more than 25 languages
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Easy selection of city and location for large chains

Online calendar

  • 100% adaptation to mobile devices
  • Compact and full view mode
  • Automatic control of the equipment and office occupation
  • Setting a schedule in one window
  • Single window with bookings and client data
  • Logging of administrator actions
  • IP telephony support
  • PUSH notifications about rescheduling and cancellation
  • Mobile application for administrators

Client database and instant search

  • Single window with all customer data
  • More than 20 types of SMS and Email notifications
  • Segmentation of customers by categorшы
  • Customer search by more than 20 different parameters
  • SMS, Email and PUSH newsletter
  • Chain visit history
  • Identification of multiple customer numbers
  • Storing files and comments
  • Customer preference analytics
  • Discounts and bonuses

Financial and inventory contol

  • More than 5 analytics reports
  • Settable payroll calculation charts
  • More than 30 calculation rules and criteria
  • Single database of all inventory operations and documents
  • Capability to work with multiple number of stores
  • Payment with a single click
  • Capability to download any report as Excel
  • Analysis of sales and consumable materials
  • Bills of materials and inventory check
  • Tracking inventory balance
  • Control of settlements with suppliers
  • Barcode scanner support

Analytics and Statistics

  • More than 10 analytics reports
  • Basic metrics of the salon, the master or the administrator in one window
  • Analytics on employees, clients and services
  • Customer retention rate
  • Statistics of online bookings by sources
  • Chain locations support
  • Capability to download any report as Excel

Loyalty program

  • Cumulative discount systems and cash back
  • Boomerangme electronic cards
  • Gift cards and memberships
  • Referral program for clients
  • SMS, Email and Push notifications about discounts and bonuses
  • Automatic issuing of discounts on the first online booking
  • Protection against fraud on the part of the clients or employees by means of phone number verification, etc.

Mobile application for clients

  • It includes all features available in online booking on the website or other sources
  • Single and familiar booking interface
  • PUSH notifications: the ability to save on SMS notifications and newsletter
  • Geolocation and range determination of the company
  • Repeat of the previous booking
  • Customized design
  • Free support and update
  • Application is supported by Altegio technical specialists.
  • Placing the application on your own accounts in the AppStore and Google Play


  • IP telephony (MCN Telecom, Sipuni)
  • Online payment
  • SMS notification module (IMOBIS, Pronto SMS, Alpha SMS, etc.)
  • Chatbots (Beauty Bot, Integrilla, Notification Service, etc.)
  • Google Maps
  • Facebook and Instagram

The capability to implement your own API integrations.