Starting the work in Altegio

I. Basic settings

  1. Authorization in Altegio
  2. General information
  3. Contact details
  4. Adding categories and services
  5. Adding staff
  6. Positions of staff members
  7. Configuring staff member's services
  8. Employee schedule 

II. Online booking settings

  1. Online booking on your website
  2. Online booking on mobile app
  3. Online booking on Instagram and Facebook

III. Appointment calendar settings

  1. Working with the Appointment calendar
  2. Appointment calendar settings
  3. Working with appointments

IV. Finance settings

  1. Accounts and cash registers
  2. Creating and setting cash registers
  3. Working with partners and suppliers

V. Payroll settings

  1. Payroll. General information
  2. Calculation rules
  3. Calculation criteria
  4. Creating calculation charts
  5. Accrual and payments

VI. Inventory settings

  1. Inventory. General information
  2. Creating and configuting storages
  3. Creating and configuting products
  4. Creating and configuting bills of materials

VII. Additional settings

  1. Configuring notification module
  2. Configuring resources
  3. Client database settings