General information - Location settings

After registering and logging in you can edit general information about your location.

Why fill out this section?

General information about your business reflects the structure of locations in the online booking widget that is published on external platforms.


Go to the main menu and select Settings > My location > Location settings.

1. Fill out the Location Name, which is only used within the system and won't be displayed externally.

2. Enter the Business name without quotation marks or forms of incorporation, as this will be used externally. For example, write "Face&Body care," not "'Face&body care, LLC.'"

3. Choose the appropriate option from the list of Business Areas, such as a Beauty Salon.

4. Indicate the Category of your business in about 2-3 words, such as "Center for Aesthetic Medicine."

5. Select the City where your location is based. This setting affects your placement on directory sites and reflects your business's structure in the online booking widget.

6. Upload your Logo, with a recommended resolution of 500 x 500 pixels.

7. Click the Save button once you've finished.


After these settings, you can fill out your contact details.

How to Pass Location Moderation?

If you have successfully met all moderation requirements and are ready for listing and attracting free clients, simply write to your curator or support manager (their contact details can be found in the "Overview" > "Summary" section) with the note "Moderation" and include the location ID.