Configuring and editing services

After you create service categories you can add services to each category. 

How to Add Services

In the main menu go to the Settings > Main settings > Services section.


Then click either the Create button and select Create a service option or click the name of the service category and Add a service button.



In the new window that opens add information about the service. Add services to all categories.

1. Add the Name of the service, for example, Men's haircut.

2. Choose the Category of service, for example, Haircuts and styling.

3. Indicate the Price of the service. If the price varies check the Price range setting and indicate the price from and to.

4. You can set default duration for the service here or configure it later when you'll be assigning services to employees.

5. Select the booking type – either it’s an individual appointment or a group event.  

6. In the Online booking tab indicate whether the service is available for online booking. If you disable online booking clients won’t be able to make their appointment online but your staff members will still be able to add appointments using the Appointment Сalendar. Add a name for online booking to be used instead of the main name. Here you can add description of the service (any information you’d like your client to see) and add an image to the service that will be displayed in the online booking widget. Select whether online payment for this service is Available, Not available or Required.

7. In the Online booking tab you can limit dates and time for online booking by your clients. You’ll be able to set the period, time for booking (begin and end of time for booking) and specific days for appointments.


8. Enter Output settings for booking sessions by setting periods for Display interval of slots and Search interval of slots. Firstly, the online widget will display available sessions for the service using the display interval, and secondly, the system will use the search interval when searching for available sessions in the schedule. You can read more about these settings here.

9. In the Advanced settings tab you can add Name on bill, Taxation system and VAT

10. Set up automatic notification suggesting customers visit again. A Return visit notification will be sent if the client hadn't made a booking for this service during the specified period. You can enter general settings for this type of notification in the Settings > Notifications > Types of notifications section. 

11. You can set Automatic debiting from subscriptions for the visit to be paid for using your client’s active membership. Set the time before which your client will be able to cancel their booking without losing their service.

12. In Resources tab you will be able to assign resources to the service to avoid overbooking. Read more about resources here.

13. In the Languages tab you’ll be able to add translation of the name of the service into different languages.

14. Be sure to click the Save button once you’re done. 


If necessary, you can edit these settings, transfer services from one category to another, add or remove services.

To edit an existing service or to delete it click the Edit mceclip7.png button. 

To quickly enable or disable online booking click the Online / Offline switch next to the name of the service.

Order of the services can be changed in the list. To do this, click the three lines ___________.pngbutton to the left of the service name and drag the line to the correct place. This order is displayed in the online booking widget and when creating new booking in the Appointment Calendar.