Assigning staff to services

Once you've configured your services and added employees in the Staff section, you'll need to assign staff members to perform specific services.

There are two ways to do this:

1. In the "Settings" > "Main settings" > "Staff" section. This option is convenient for companies with many services and a limited number of employees. Follow the link to learn more.

2. In the "Settings" > "Main settings" > "Services" section. This option is more suitable for companies with a smaller number of services but a greater number of staff.



To assign employees to a service, navigate to Settings > Main settings > Services section.


Open the service category and click the Edit button in the line of a service needed.


1. In the new window that opens go to the Staff tab and click the Add staff button.

2. Select a staff member, indicate the duration of the service, and assign a bill of materials (you can read more about configuring and assigning bills of materials here).

3. To unassign a staff member from a service click the Delete button (the trash bin icon).



  • In the "Assigned staff" section, you can assign multiple staff members to a single service.
  • When setting the duration of service, be sure to indicate the correct duration for appointments made through the online booking widget and Appointment Calendar.
  • It's important to note that after a client books an appointment online, your administrator will be able to adjust the appointment duration directly in the Appointment Calendar.
  • Correctly setting the service duration will help optimize your work process, reduce the number of unoccupied time slots, and increase the number of clients served.