How to add a list of services using Excel

 If you're looking to streamline your service management process, importing services from an Excel file can be a quick and efficient way to do so. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to import services into your system, using an Excel spreadsheet as your data source.

Prepare Your Excel Table

Before you begin, it's essential to create a well-structured Excel table containing the necessary information for your services. This table should include the following columns:

• Service Category
• Service Name
• Minimum Cost (Price From)
• Maximum Cost (Price To)

You may also include a separate column for service descriptions if needed. Ensure that there are no line breaks within the cells, and use numerical values for prices without any symbols or divisions (e.g., 1500 instead of 1,500$).

Note: You don't need to create new service categories in advance. Ensure that the category names in your system exactly match those in your Excel table if you intend to upload services to existing categories.

Navigate to your system's Settings menu, then go to Main settings, and select Services.

In the upper right corner of the Services page, locate the "Excel operations" button. Click on it and choose the "Upload from Excel" option from the dropdown menu.


Now, you'll be prompted to copy and paste the data from your Excel table into the input field provided. It's worth noting that you can upload a maximum of 500 rows from your table at a time. After pasting the data, click the "Upload" button to proceed.

A new window will appear, displaying the data you've imported alongside the table headings: "Category," "Name," "Price from" (minimum), and "Price to" (maximum). Carefully review this data to ensure that it matches your expectations and that the columns are correctly mapped.

Once you've confirmed that the data mapping is accurate, click the "Save" button to complete the import process.




You can upload no more than 500 rows at one time.