Staff members list management

In the Settings > Main settings > Staff section, all information about employees, the services they provide, their work schedule, and payroll calculation schemes are specified and configured.

Staff is any employee of a company who provides services or performs any activities.

Adding and editing
1. Go to the main menu in the Settings > Main settings > Staff section.


2. To add a new staff member, simply click the 'Add employee' button. In the ensuing pop-up window, provide the employee's name, their position (refer to the 'Positions of staff members' section for additional details on configuration), and specify their specialization (e.g., Makeup Artist). Optionally, tick the box if you wish to link user data to the employee; you can find information in the 'Users list management' section.

For a more in-depth guide on adding new employees, read the 'Adding staff and information' article."

3. Even after creating employee profiles, you have the flexibility to edit their information as needed. Use the quick action buttons available in the respective columns:

Employee (number): This column displays the list of created employees along with their assigned numbers. Click on an employee's name to access and modify their details. For comprehensive guidance on setting up and editing employee information, refer to the articles “Adding staff and information,” “Additional employee information” and “Employee settings.”

Schedule up to: Check this column to determine if a schedule has been established for the employee. A green end date signifies a configured work schedule, while a red date indicates either an unset schedule or an expired end date. To configure an employee's schedule, click on the round arrow that appears when hovering over the date in the column. Further insights into setting up schedules can be found in the article “Work schedule (Staff).

Online booking: Quickly enable or disable online booking for an employee in this column. If online booking is disabled, the employee won't appear on the online booking form, although Appointment Calendar bookings can still be created for them.

Provides services: This column showcases the total number of services associated with the employee. To configure employee services, click on the displayed number or the inscription “Does not provide” if services are not linked. More details on linking services to an employee are available in the article “Configuring staff member's services.

Users: This section displays users associated with employees. A user, in the context of the Altegio system, is a company employee with specific access and rights. Authorization in the system occurs through a login and password, enabling the user to perform actions within their permitted rights. Linking a user to an employee is crucial for accurate notifications and receipt printing. For detailed insights into users and invitations, read the article “Users list management.” Clicking on a user's name in the column opens the editing page. To associate a user with an employee, click on the word “No,” leading to the employee settings page; additional information can be found in the article “Employee settings.”

Dismiss and Delete

Employees can either be dismissed or deleted using the following steps:

1. Click on the employee's name.

2. In the ensuing window, locate the corresponding button in the upper right corner:

3. Choose the "Dismiss" action to remove an employee from the list while preserving all associated statistics. Enter the dismissal date and reason, type "DISMISS" for confirmation, and click the "Dismiss" button.

4. Select the "Delete" action if you wish to erase an employee along with all related data. Enter "DELETE" to confirm the deletion, then click the "Delete" button.

Following dismissal, you can filter employees using the "Dismissed" filter, allowing you to view or modify information about the employee.

Please note, if you delete an employee, their profile can only be viewed after restoration.


Important points:

• Upon dismissal or deletion, the user data specified in the employee's settings is automatically detached.

• A dismissed or deleted employee can be restored within the first 24 hours; after this initial period, restoration is only possible 30 days post-dismissal.

• The schedule of dismissed employees remains visible in the Appointment Calendar. To prevent a terminated employee from appearing in the calendar, it is advisable to clear their schedule. This can be conveniently done in the "Settings" > "Main Settings" > "Staff" section.

• Following the dismissal or deletion of an employee, all bookings created for them remain intact and are stored in the "Overview" > "Bookings" section.



How to properly dismiss an employee

To prevent any potential issues that may arise post-dismissal or deletion of an employee from a location, such as unresolved bookings or outstanding payments, please follow the guidelines below:

Before Dismissing an Employee:

1. Navigate to Overview > Bookings. Filter future bookings by the employee in question.

If future bookings exist, open them through the "Edit" button (pencil icon) and proceed to transfer or delete them by communicating with the client, depending on the situation.

Alternatively, bookings can be directly transferred in the Appointment Calendar by dragging them to the desired employee.

2. Next, verify whether the employee's salary has been paid. Access this information in the "Payroll" section > "Calculation for a time period" or "Payroll" > "Settlements" section. If the salary is outstanding, it must be settled before dismissal, as creating a payslip for a deleted employee is not possible (a payslip can be generated for a dismissed employee only).

3. Go to Settings > Main Settings > Work Schedule or Settings > Main Settings > Staff and delete the employee's workdays.

4. Now, proceed to Settings > Main Settings > Staff to dismiss or delete the employee.

Restoring deleted or dismissed employees

To restore dismissed employees:

1. Filter the employee list by the “Dismissed” status.

2. In the displayed list, click on the three dots next to the employee’s name and choose “Reactivate” to restore them.

To restore deleted employees:

1. Filter the employee list by the “Deleted” status.

2. In the list that appears, click on the three dots next to the employee’s name and select “Reinstate” to bring them back.


To change the order in which your employees are displayed in the list, simply click and hold the three lines button located to the left of their name, then drag and drop the employee to the desired location in the list.

Once you've arranged your employees in the desired order, this will be reflected in both the Appointment Calendar and your online booking widget. This feature can be particularly helpful in making it easier for clients to find specific employees or services.

For convenience, you can view employees selectively. To do this, filter the list by “Position” or statuses “Dismissed”/“Not dismissed”, “Deleted”/“Not deleted