Staff members list management

After adding your Services you can add and edit your Staff members.

What is it and what is it for?

The Staff section of Altegio allows you to manage and edit all information related to your employees, including their services, work schedule, and payroll calculation. The list of staff is displayed in the Settings > Main settings > Staff section.

In Altegio, a staff member refers to an employee who provides services or performs specific actions for your company.


1. In the main menu go to Settings > Main settings > Staff section.


2. To add a new employee, click the Add button.

3. Indicate the Name, Position (read about Positions here), and Specialization (e.g. Hair Stylist) of an employee in the pop-up window. Check the box if you want to Specify user data to associate with an employee (learn about configuring Users here).


4. You can edit data about staff members after you’ve created them. To do this you can use the buttons on the right in the line of an employee: Edit description and photos, Edit services, Day schedule, and Other settings. 

You can find more information on how to configure and edit employee data in these articles: Adding staff and Information, Additional employee information, and Employee settings.

Dismiss and Delete

You can dismiss or delete staff. To do this:

1. Choose an employee by clicking their name or the Edit description and photo/Other settings button.


2. In the new window that opens, click the Actions button in the top right corner.

3. Select Dismiss or Delete button based on your preferences.

Dismiss: This option removes the employee from the list, but retains all associated statistics and data.

Delete: This option permanently deletes the employee from your account, along with all data and statistics associated with them.


  • After you dismiss or delete a staff member user data that was linked in the employee’s settings is automatically detached.


Restoring staff

You can restore deleted and dismissed staff members. 

  1. To restore dismissed employees change the default filter from Working staff to Dismissed staff and click the Show button. Click either the name or the Edit description and photo button and in the Status field change ‘Terminated’ to ‘Working’ to restore this employee.


  2. To restore deleted employees change the default filter Listed staff to Deleted staff and click the Show button. In the list that opens click the Restore button in the line on an employee, you’d like to restore.



To change the order in which your employees are displayed in the list, simply click and hold the three lines button located to the left of their name, then drag and drop the employee to their desired location in the list.

Once you've arranged your employees in the desired order, this will be reflected in both the Appointment Calendar and your online booking widget. This feature can be particularly helpful in making it easier for clients to find specific employees or services.


You can view staff members selectively by using filters by Position or Listed staff/Deleted staff and Working staff/Dismissed staff statuses. Select the filter and click the Show button.



Employee status Occupied means that the employee does not have free time for booking during the entire period for which the employee’s schedule is set. 

For example, if an employee is working from May 15th to May 31st and this is indicated in the schedule in Altegio, and all the time is occupied by appointments, then the employee status is displayed as Occupied. If you add more work days the status will change to Active.

Other status options:

  • Active — employee has an active schedule, and free time and is open for online booking 
  • No schedule — there is no schedule set for today and the future period
  • Hidden — hidden from the online booking
  • Deleted — employee deleted
  • Terminated — employee terminated