Employee settings

After editing general and additional information about employees add individual settings. 


1. Go to the Settings > Main settings > Staff section.


2. Select an employee by either clicking their name or by clicking the Other settings button Screenshot_27.png.

3. In the Settings tab, edit all the information.

4. Don't forget to click the Save button.

Associated user

Provide user data to associate with the employee. To do this, in the Associated user section, click the Edit button, Choose from existing users or Create a new one (new user is a user who hasn’t been added to Altegio before; an existing user is a user who was previously added to Altegio). To unassign a user from an employee click the Cancel communications button.

  • Choose from existing ones: select a user from the list and click the Save button.  
  • Create a new one: enter the phone number of the new user and click the Save button.


1. If you disable online booking nobody will be able to make an appointment for this employee online, however their work schedule will be available in the Appointment Calendar and administrators will be able to book appointments for clients who called them.

2. If you make online payment Available clients will be able to choose to pay for booking or not. If you make online payment Required clients will not be able to make bookings until they pay for their booking.

3. Option Any staff member is displayed in the online booking widget. You can Enable or Disable online booking to this employee if the client selects Any staff member.

4. Specify Intervals of slots for Display and Search settings of the online booking widget. Using these settings you can configure how free time for booking is displayed in the online booking widget. You can read more about these settings in the What is the display and search interval of slots in the online booking widget? article.

5. Specify the Slot search start/end time in the online booking widget. With this setting clients who book online will be able to make their appointment only for sessions that fall within this period.

6. To visually split the day into intervals in the Appointment Calendar switch on the Additional markup in the Calendar.

7. Employee Rating is displayed in the online booking widget and you can hide it in case it’s too low or too high to avoid clients making appointments to a single employee. If you uncheck the box the Rating will not be displayed in the list of staff members.

8. This employee will not be displayed in the Appointment Calendar if you uncheck the box.


If checked, the Occupancy rate of this employee will affect the overall occupancy rate in the Analytics section.


1. Connect Google Calendar (read about connecting Google calendar here).

2. If you uncheck the box in the Export clients contacts to Google Calendar option only names will be displayed.

3. Specify External ID for the staff member in the external system. This ID will be transmitted in the booking parameters to external systems.