Employee settings

After editing general and additional information about your employees, you can add individual settings. 


1. Go to the Settings > Main settings > Staff section.


2. Select an employee by either clicking their name or by clicking the Other settings button Screenshot_27.png.

3. In the Settings tab, edit all the information.

4. Don't forget to click the Save button.

Associated user section

To associate a user with an employee, you will need to provide the relevant user data. To do this, navigate to the "Associated user" section within the employee's profile, then click the "Edit" button.

From here, you will have the option to either choose an existing user or create a new user (if the user has not been added to Altegio before). If you need to unassign a user from an employee, simply click the "Cancel communications" button.

  • Choose from existing ones: select a user from the list and click the Save button.  
  • Create a new one: enter the phone number of the new user and click the Save button.

    Be sure to review this section carefully to ensure that all employee-user associations are up-to-date and accurate, as this information will be used to send notifications and other communications related to client bookings.

Booking section

1. Disabling online booking for an employee will prevent clients from booking appointments with them online. However, the employee's work schedule will still be available in the Appointment Calendar, and administrators will be able to book appointments for clients who contact them directly.

2. Enabling online payment for an employee's services will give clients the option to pay for their bookings online. If online payment is set to "Required," clients will not be able to make a booking until they have paid for the service in advance.

3. The "Any staff member" option allows clients to see availability for all staff members in the online booking widget. You can choose to enable or disable online booking for an employee who has been selected as an "Any staff member" option.

4. Configure how free time for booking is displayed in the online booking widget. You can specify intervals for Display and Search interval of slots settings. This allows you to customize how availability is presented to clients in the booking widget. You can read more about these settings in the What is the display and search interval of slots in the online booking widget? article.

5. You can set a Slot search start/end time for the online booking widget, which limits the available booking times for clients to a specific period.

6. To more clearly divide the workday into intervals in the Appointment Calendar, you can enable Additional markup in the Calendar settings.

7. Employee Rating is displayed in the online booking widget, but you have the option to hide it if you feel that it may be too high or too low. Simply uncheck the corresponding box to remove the rating from the list of staff members.

8. If you need to temporarily remove an employee from the Appointment Calendar, you can simply uncheck the box next to their name to hide them from the calendar view.



If checked, the Occupancy rate of this employee will affect the overall occupancy rate in the Analytics section.


1. You can connect your Google Calendar to Altegio to synchronize appointments between the two calendars (read about connecting Google Calendar here).

2. By unchecking the "Export client contacts to Google Calendar" option, you can ensure that only client names are displayed in your synced Google Calendar.

3. If you need to transmit an employee's ID to an external system, you can specify an External ID for the staff member in Altegio. This ID will be included in booking parameters sent to external systems.