Configuring staff member's services

After filling out sections with Information, Additional information, and Settings you can assign services to employees who perform them.

You can assign services to employees in two ways:

1. In the Services section of the Main settings menu. This option is more convenient if you have many staff members and only a few services. 

2. In the Staff section of the Main settings menu. This option is ideal if you have many services and only a few employees.


1. To assign services to employees, navigate to the Staff section in the Main settings menu.

2. Click on the name of the employee to access the service settings.


3. In the Services tab, add categories and services that the employee will provide. To do this, click the "Create a service" button.

Fill in the required fields like Service, Category, Price, Duration and Booking type and click the Save button to apply your changes.

4. Additionally, you can assign services from existing categories to employees. To do so, click on the Assign services button.

In the modal window that opens, click on the name of the category and check the box next to each service that you want to assign to the employee. You can assign all services at once by checking the topmost box.

Here, in the Services section, you can also specify the duration of the service for that specific employee and assign a Bill of materials.