Editing employee's work schedule in the Appointment Calendar

Once you've filled in the sections with basic, additional information, settings and services, you can set up a work schedule for your employees. You can assign a schedule to employees in several ways:

• Through the "Settings" > "Main settings" > "Work Schedule" section;
• Through the "Settings" - "Main settings" - "Staff" section;
• Through the through the Appointment Calendar;
• Through the Altegio mobile application;
• Through the "Settings" > "Main settings" > "Work schedule (new)" (new interface).

In this article, we'll explore how to assign work schedules using the Appointment Calendar feature (3rd option).

Adding an employee to the schedule for the current day

1. Access the Appointment Calendar and choose the date you want to schedule. The schedule for the selected day will open.

2. Look for the button with the human silhouette icon in the upper right corner and click it.

3. From the list of employees, select one or multiple employees you wish to add to the schedule. Specify their working hours directly or add a break by clicking "Add a row." You can also set different working hours for each employee, excluding the break time.

4. Once you've made the necessary adjustments, click on the "Save" button to save the updated schedule.

Editing the work schedule through the Appointment Calendar

1. Access the Appointment Calendar and choose the date you wish to edit. The schedule for the selected day will open.

2. Locate the employee whose schedule you need to change and click on their name.

3. A menu will appear with several options for editing the schedule:
- To add a break, select the "Add a break" option.
- To cancel the entire workday, choose "Cancel the workday."
- To add additional workdays for the employee, select "Add workdays."
- To remove specific workdays from the schedule, choose "Remove workdays."

Adding a break to the schedule

1. To include a break in the schedule, first, select the desired duration for the break. Once decided, click on the "Save" button to apply the break to the schedule.

2. If you need to add another break, simply access the action menu, and create a new break as needed.

Canceling workday

1. To cancel an employee's workday, click on the "Save" button. Once saved, the employee will be removed from the schedule for the selected day.

If the employee has existing bookings for the selected date, not rescheduling or canceling them will cause the workday to reappear in the schedule. To avoid this, make sure to reschedule or cancel the bookings first, and then proceed to cancel the workday again to ensure it is removed from the schedule.

Adding workdays

1. In the modal window that appears, choose the necessary dates on which you want to add workdays.

2. Specify the working hours for the selected dates.

3. Once you have set the working hours, click the "Save" button to add the workdays to the schedule.

Removing workdays

1. To remove specific workdays, uncheck the corresponding working days by clicking on the dates.

2. After selecting the dates to be deleted, click the "Save" button to confirm the removal of the workdays from the schedule.

If you want to adjust the start and end times of an employee's working days, follow these steps:
1. "Delete" the existing working days from the schedule.
2. Afterward, "Add working days" again with the updated beginning and end times for the day. This will apply the new working hours to the employee's schedule.