Connecting staff member's Google Calendar

You can connect a Google Calendar to a single employee or multiple employees. Synchronization enables you to add appointments from Altegio to the connected Google Calendar, but not the other way around.

How can you connect the Calendar

To connect a staff member's Google Calendar to Altegio, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings > Main settings > Staff section and open the staff member's card. Then, go to the Settings tab.

2. In the Integration section, click on the blue "Connect Google Calendar" button. This will open a new window that will prompt you to log in to your Google account.

3. After establishing the connection, all appointments will be automatically uploaded to the connected Google Calendar.

Note: If you enable the option to "Export client contacts to Google Calendar", information about the clients will be uploaded to the Calendar when creating an appointment. If this option is disabled, only the client's name will appear in the Calendar.


How you can disconnect the Calendar

1. Go to the Settings — Main settings — Staff section and open the Settings tab in a staff member’s card.

2. In the Integration section click the blue Calendar is connected. Disable Google Calendar button.


Synchronization of the schedule of all employees into one calendar

1. Add the same Google Calendar for all employees.

2. To allow access to an employee's Google Calendar, select the calendar and click on the button with three dots. Then, select "Settings and sharing" from the drop-down menu.


3. In the "Access for individual users" section, click on the "Add user" button, enter the email address associated with the employee's Altegio account, and then click the "Submit" button. The user will be added to the general list, where you can set access rights for them.


4. In the settings, ensure that the time zone of the calendar corresponds to the time zone of the city where your company is located. This will help to ensure that the appointments and schedules are synchronized accurately.