Users list management

After setting your Services and Staff, configure the Users section. 

What is it and what is it for?

User is a company's employee with access to and certain rights in Altegio.

Any employee of the company (owner, admin, stylist, doctor, accountant, etc.) can be an Altegio user. You’ll need to configure different access levels depending on the employee's role.

Unique user identifiers are their email and mobile phone number.


It’s important to differentiate between new and existing users:

  • New User - A user who has not been added to Altegio before and has never booked online.
  • Existing User - A user that had already been added to Altegio.

Example: the admin worked at the main company's location and was a user of Altegio main location, and then was transferred to the second location.

How to set up users

1. In the Settings — System settings — Users section click the Invite users button.

2. Enter the Name and Phone number or Email of the user or several users (if you invite an existing user, specify the number or email used to log into Altegio) and click the Invite users button. Invited users are displayed in a separate tab in the Settings — System settings — Users section. You’ll be able to Invite again or Revoke invitation in the same tab.



3. The user will receive an SMS or an email with an invitation link that they need to follow to be added to the location.

4. After clicking the link new and existing users will see different information:

New users will see a form in which they need to specify their registration information (name, phone, password) and accept the terms of the user agreement and privacy policy as well as agree / disagree to receive informational messages.

An existing user will see an authorization form in which they will need to enter their username and password.

5. You can configure access rights (what functions of Altegio are available) for invited users  immediately after sending the invitation link.

User rights can be determined by employee’s job responsibilities and which sections of Altegio you would like to display or hide from them and which functions to give access to.

Setting access rights gives you the ability to control what employees with access to Altegio can do. Only owners and head employees can decide to invite or remove new and existing users, other employees need to discuss this with them.

Read about access rights in detail here.

Altegio works both with separate locations and chains that have more than one location (read more about this here). Chains have separate user access rights which you can configure in the Settings - Users section of the Network interface (read more here).