Setting up user notifications (employee/administrator)

After you add all users and set their access rights you can configure notifications that an employee associated with a user will receive.

Configuration and Editing

1. Go to the Settings — System settings — Notifications section and enable Administrator and Employee notification types in the Types of notifications tab.


2. Go to the Settings — Main Settings — Staff section, open the Settings tab in a card of an employee and associate an employee with a user. Notifications will not be delivered if you don’t perform this step.


3. Go to the Settings — System settings — Users section. Select a user and open the Notifications tab in their card.


4. Select from the list what types of notifications employee associated with this user will receive:

  • For employee
  • For administrator
  • Based on access rights

 If you don’t want a user to receive notifications, select the following option:

  • Disabled

5. Select the notification types that the employee associated with this user will receive and the channels for them (SMS, Push, or Email). Check the boxes to enable notifications for a user:

  • Clients’ data. If you uncheck this box employee will not receive customer’s contact details in SMS and email notifications, however, they will receive all other booking details: time, service, etc.;
  • Creating a customer record - about new online bookings;
  • Create an entry by an administrator - about new bookings made using the Appointment calendar;
  • Delete a booking by a customer or administrator - about deleting online bookings;
  • Booking rescheduled by the client or administrator - about online bookings rescheduling;
  • License expiration - about your license ending soon;
  • Letter with automatically generated payment documents;
  • Operations with bookings - push notifications in the web version;
  • Incoming calls - push notifications about calls in the web version.

6. Click Save.