Configuring user access rights

What is it and what is it for?

Access rights in Altegio are designed to ensure the security of your company and its data, particularly client data. They also provide business owners with an effective way to monitor the activities of employees who have access to Altegio.

Important Notes:

1. For proper security of your information, it is recommended to provide each staff member with individual access, rather than shared access among multiple employees.

2. Be cautious when granting access rights to download information and manage users to avoid any unintended changes or unauthorized data access.


Go to the Settings — System settings — Users section. Select a User you want to configure access rights for by clicking their name. In a user card go to the Access rights tab. 

Here you can configure absolutely all rights simultaneously, as well as configure access rights for each section separately. Go to the Access rights section to learn about specific access rights in detail and configure access rights for each user.

Learn how to add a user in the Users list management article.