Booking window access rights

The booking window in Altegio is a versatile tool that enables you to create, edit, and delete appointments in the Appointment Calendar. Additionally, it allows you to sell products and services, view clients' data, and their history of visits, as well as statistics on their appointments.

To ensure the security of your business-critical information, access setup is necessary, which involves assigning/removing rights to create, edit, and delete appointments, sell products and services, view client data, access their contacts, and the history of their visits.

If you have a chain of locations (or several Networks), you can allow or disallow access to view the client's data from a specific Network.

For example, an administrator can create appointments, but can’t change and delete them, can sell products and make payments, but doesn’t see inventory transactions and data on payment for services for the past days.

Here you can also prohibit access to the clients’ data and the drop-down list with customer data.