Billing, Analytics, and SMS mailings access rights

Access to Billing

The access right to view billing enables you to control who can see the history of balance changes. This privilege is typically granted to users who have the necessary expertise to manage financial information, such as accountants or financial advisers. By granting this right selectively, you can ensure that sensitive financial data is only accessible to those who need it.

Access rights to Analytics

Analytics access provides users with the ability to view key statistics such as income, costs, average spending, etc. However, it's important to limit this access to users who have the appropriate level of authority and expertise to handle this sensitive information. By doing so, you can maintain the security and confidentiality of your data while ensuring that the right people have access to the analytics they need to make informed decisions.

Access to make SMS mailings to clients

The access right to send SMS notifications applies to all types of SMS that are available in Altegio. You decide which user is authorized to send SMS.