Storages management

The Storages section displays information about all storages you have in the system. Here you can move products between storages and edit information about them.

Configuring and editing

To get started, go to the "Inventory Storages" section. Two storages are created in Altegio by default: Consumables and Products. You can add, configure, and delete storages (read more about them in the Creating and configuring a new storage article).


Storages can be moved within the list. To do this, click and hold the three lines button to the left of the storage name and drag the line to the desired position in the list. This order is displayed in the list of storages when you sell products or create an inventory operation.

All information about storages can be edited. To do this, select the storage by either clicking its name or by clicking the "Edit" button. In the new window that opens, change the name of the storage, its type, and comment, click "Save". Here you can also delete this storage.