Configuring automatic writing off of products

What is it and what is it for?

Using Altegio you can automatically write off consumables when providing services.

You can automate writing off by using the bills of materials assigned to the services. A bill of materials is a list of consumables used to provide a certain service. For example, you will be using a certain amount of shampoo, hair dye, oxidizing agents, etc. for hair coloring services. If you set up a bill of materials for the service, all consumables will be automatically written off from the storage, and an inventory operation for consumables used will be created.

Setting up an automatic writing-off of products

  1. Create a storage for writing off of consumable materials. Find detailed instructions on how to do this in this article. When choosing a storage type, be sure to select the to write-off the consumable materials type. 
  2. Add consumables to be written off in the Inventory Products section. Find detailed instructions in this article.
  3. Create the arrival of products to the storage that you created to write off consumables. Detailed instructions can be found in this article.
  4. Create bills of materials and assign them to services. Find detailed instructions in this article. You can assign just a single bill of materials to a service.

You’ve completed setting up the automatic writing off of consumables. Now Altegio will create the write-off of consumables operation every time you set the Arrived status in the booking that includes a service with a bill of materials assigned to it.

Products will be written off from a selected storage. You can view all data on materials that were written off in the Inventory Inventory operations and Inventory Inventory balance sections.


If you need to write off a different amount of consumables than the one indicated in the bill of materials you can do that right in the booking window in the Consumables used tab.