Wholesale cost of products in storage

To configure wholesale costs, head to the Inventory — Settings section. From there, you have a few options for determining the wholesale cost of your products. You can either set the wholesale cost within the product's settings, or from the last product arrival. Additionally, you can choose to calculate the average wholesale cost based on all product arrivals.

To configure the Wholesale cost of your products, navigate to the Inventory — Settings section and select your preferred option from the dropdown list. Once you've made your selection, remember to click the "Save" button.

It's worth noting that if you create a new product arrival and indicate its price, the wholesale cost value will be updated automatically to reflect the change.


• It's crucial to consider the order of operations when analyzing reports and reviewing the history of operations within the Inventory — Inventory operations section. For example, let's say you're reviewing the report for October in November, and you performed the last products arrival in November. In this case, the wholesale cost in the report will be derived from the products arrival that was performed at the end of October.

• This same rule applies to the history of operations that you see in the Inventory — Inventory operations section. Suppose you sold products on the 20th, in that case, the wholesale cost will be taken from the latest products arrival that you performed before the 20th. If you sell the same products on the 29th, the wholesale cost will be taken from the latest products arrival performed on the 25th or after.

Where is the wholesale cost used?

  1. In the Inventory Inventory operations section.


  1. In the reports in the Inventory section: inventory balance and sales analysis
  2. When calculating payroll for an employee.

The wholesale cost of consumables will be displayed in the Payroll statement if an employee already has a Calculation chart set that uses a Calculation rule that includes the wholesale cost of services/products.


  • By default, consumables can be written off from a storage with the type to write-off the consumable materials only. 
  • If you want to automate writing off of consumables, you can use this article for guidance.
  • You can set up payroll calculation that includes the wholesale cost of consumables by using information from this article.