Products. Initial configuration

What is it and what is it for?

Altegio allows you to work with information about products, as well as their purchase, sale, writing off and other operations using the Inventory section. In the Inventory Products section you can also create, classify, edit and delete products. 

Configuring and editing

To get started, go to the Inventory Products section. Before you start adding products to your inventory, create and configure Categories of products.

A ‘category’ is a group of products with common properties. For example, all Davines products are added to the ‘Davines’ category, all shampoos from different manufacturers to the ‘Shampoos’ category, etc.

By default, you’ll have the ‘Main products’ category created in Altegio for you. Categories can be added, edited, archived, and deleted (for more information see the Creating and configuring a new category of products article).


After creating and configuring categories you can add products to your inventory and place them in your storages.

You can add products individually or as a list using Excel. Read more about these settings in the Creating and configuring new products and Adding a list of products using Excel.

You can search for products by their name, SKU or barcode in the Inventory Products section using a quick search option. To do this, enter information in the search bar and click Show.


To edit information about products go to the product’s card. To do this, click either the name of a product or the edit button. In the product’s card you can edit information about the product, print the price tag (the Price tag in PDF button), copy information to other locations (if you run a chain of locations), as well as archive and/or delete the card altogether. Also, you can open the card of another product from here by clicking the name of the product in the list on the left.


To mass edit information about products, use the Quick control interface (read more about this option here).

You can also delete several products simultaneously without opening each product’s card. To do that, select the products you want to delete (by checking the boxes next to their names) and click the Archive selected button.

To view products you’ve archived click the Product archive button. In the Archive you can either delete products completely or restore them.


If you deleted products by accident and want to restore them contact our Technical Support team.