Creating and configuring a new product

Once you've established and customized your categories of products, you can proceed to add products to your inventory. This can be achieved either by adding individual products or by importing a list of products via Excel (to learn more about the latter, click here).

A new product

To add a new product to your inventory, follow these steps:

1. Go to the 'Inventory — Products' section and click on the 'Add a product' button located in the top-right corner.

2. In the new window that appears, fill in all the required fields and click 'Save'.

3. Enter the Name of the product, such as 'Shampoo'.

4. If applicable, provide the Name on the bill. If this field is left blank, the information from the Name field will be printed on the receipt.

5. Enter a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) for the product.

6. Enter a Barcode or generate one automatically by clicking the circular arrow button.

7. Set the Price that your customers will need to pay for the product.

8. Indicate the Wholesale cost of the product. This will be used when writing off the product as a consumable material. In the future, the wholesale cost will be automatically added to the 'Products arrival' operation.

9. Select the Units of measurement for the product from the drop-down list. Specify the number of consumable units that one unit for sale contains in the 'Equals to' field. This will be used for both retail purposes and as a consumable material.


For the Shampoo product the unit of measurement for retail can be specified as an Item and the unit for measurement for writing off purposes as a Milliliter. In the Equals to field specify how many milliliters of shampoo is contained in a single item.

8. Specify the Critical stock for this product. This is the amount of products that means that your further work will be impossible once you run out of such stock and you need to order a new delivery of such products to continue working. You’ll find the filter by products that reached critical stock in the Inventory balance and Product orders reports.

Please note

Products will appear in the search when their value is over 1 item than the one specified in the Critical balance field.

9. Specify the Preferable minimum. This is the amount of products that you need to have in stock to keep working. The Product orders report will show all products that you have less of than the preferable minimum. The report will also automatically calculate the number of products that you need to purchase to reach that number.

10. Enter the Net and Gross Weights.

11. Add a Comment.



Altegio allows you to easily edit information for all of your products. To do this, select the product you wish to modify by clicking on the 'Edit' button next to its name. This action will open a new window where you can make updates and changes to the product's information.

Once you have completed the required modifications, click on the 'Save' button to ensure that your changes are saved and applied to the product.

Additionally, you can choose to delete or archive a product from this same page. Archiving allows you to not only remove a product from active use, but also to store unused lists of products for future reference. You can then choose to either permanently delete these archived lists or restore them if needed.


  • You can archive location-only products.
  • You cannot archive products assigned to the bills of materials.
  • Archived products that were included in the payroll calculation will disappear from the payroll calculation.
  • Deleted categories and products will be restored into the Archive (contact Altegio Technical Support team for restoration).

You can archive a product only if the following conditions are met:

  • The user has the right to Access to archiving and restoring products (this can be configured in the user’s card in the Settings System settings Users section in the Access Rights Inventory section).
  • This is not a chain product and it’s not assigned to another chain product.
  • This product isn’t deleted.
  • This product isn’t archived.
  • This product isn’t used in a bill of materials.
  • This product isn’t used for sale of memberships or gift cards.

If you need to archive multiple products at once, you can do so easily by navigating to the 'Inventory - Products' section and opening the category that contains the products you wish to archive. Once you have identified the products you want to archive, check the boxes next to their names in the list of products. Finally, click on the 'Archive selected' button to move the selected products to the archive. This will ensure that they are no longer visible or accessible in your active inventory.

You can restore products that have been archived or permanently delete them in the 'Product Archive' section. This section can be found in the 'Action' section on the left-hand side of the screen. Once you're in the 'Product Archive' section, navigate to the 'Products' tab to access your archived products.

To restore a product, select it from the list of archived products by clicking on it. Alternatively, you can select multiple products by checking the boxes next to their names. Once you have selected the desired products, click on the 'Restore Selected' button to restore them.

If you need to permanently delete a product, select it from the list and click on the 'Delete' button instead. To return to the list of products, simply click on the 'Back to Products' button located on the same page.

To restore a product in Altegio, you must ensure that the following conditions are met:

1. The user has the necessary Access rights to archive and restore products. You can configure this in the user's profile within the 'Settings - System settings - Users' section by accessing the 'Access Rights - Inventory' subsection.

2. The product in question is not part of a chain product and is not assigned to another chain product.

3. The product has not been deleted.

4. The product has been archived.

5. The product is not located in the 'Deleted' category of products.