Products write-off using an inventory operation

To write off products using an inventory operation, simply navigate to the Inventory — Inventory operations section and click on the "Operations with products" button. Select the Products write-off type in the drop-down list.


After that, a new window will open where you can specify the date and time for the inventory operation (the current date and time will be selected by default). Next, select the Storage from which you want to write off the products and add the products to the operation. You can add products in one of three ways:

Adding each product one by one separately

Click the Add a product button and enter the name or SKU in the designated field, add a new line for each product (read more about configuring a list of products here).


Adding products from the list

Click the Add from the list button. Open a category by clicking its name, and then check the boxes next to the names of products you want to add to the operation. You can open multiple categories and add multiple products at the same time. Click the Add button once you’re done to add products to the operation.


Adding multiple products at once using Excel

Click the "Upload from Excel" button.


Copy the information from the Excel spreadsheet and paste it into the input field. Then, click on the "Upload" button and match the headers of the columns to the data you've entered. Please ensure that you include the Product Name, Quantity, Delivery cost, and Subtotal fields in the upload, as they are mandatory. Once you've finished, click on the "Save" button in the top right corner to add the products to the operation.

Add a comment and click the Save button.

You’ll be able to view all information about this type of operations in the Inventory Inventory operations section.