Types of inventory operations

What is it and what is it for?

The Inventory operations section is one of the primary functions within Altegio for managing products. In addition to selling and writing off products via the Appointment Calendar, this section allows you to perform a variety of other operations related to your inventory.

It's worth noting that the analytics and reports generated in Altegio are heavily reliant on the inventory operations you perform.

Inventory operations allow you to record any movement of products: arrival, sale, and writing off. Such operations aren’t always associated with the provision of services to clients, so there will be no need to create a booking in the Appointment Calendar.

You can add several products at once (either selecting up to 500 products from the list or uploading them via Excel). You’ll be able to view the change log for each inventory operation as well.

You can find a detailed description of each type of inventory operations in the following articles:

Products arrival

Products sales using an inventory operation

Products relocation between storages

Products write-off using an inventory operation


To edit an inventory operation go to the Inventory Inventory operations section and click the link with the date of such operation.

In the new window that opens, make all the necessary changes and click the Save button.


If you require a record of your inventory operations, you can easily export the list to an Excel file within Altegio. This can be done via email only, with the user who requested the download receiving an email containing a link to the resulting file.

After the export is complete, you can access a log of all downloads and requests by visiting the 'Overview - Data log' section in Altegio. This log provides detailed information about who requested the data, when it was requested, and the resulting file that was generated.

If you have the necessary access rights, you can also download the exported file directly from the 'Overview - Data log' section within Altegio. 


  • After saving inventory operations of Sale / Arrival / Write-off you’ll be able to edit all parameters except for the type of such inventory operation.
  • You won’t be able to edit the Relocation inventory operation, yet you’ll be able to cancel it.Screenshot_154.png