Products arrival

1. For you to indicate a delivery of products to a specific storage you need to go to the Inventory Inventory operations section.

2. Click the Operations with products button.

3. Select the Products arrival type in the drop-down list.


4. In the new window that opens, specify the date and time of this inventory operation (current date and time will be selected by default). Enter and select your Supplier from the drop-down list and the Storage to which you’re delivering the products.

5. Add products to this operation.

There are three options for you to add products:

Adding each product one by one separately

Click the Add a product button and enter the name or SKU of a product in the empty line, add a new line for each product (read more about configuring a list of products here).


Adding products from the list

To add products to an operation in Altegio, you can start by clicking on the 'Add from the list' button. From there, open the category containing the products you wish to add by clicking on its name. Once you've opened the desired category, simply check the boxes next to the names of the products you wish to include in the operation. You can select multiple categories and products at the same time.

Once you have selected all the desired products, click on the 'Add' button to add them to the operation.


Adding multiple products at once using Excel

1. Click the Upload from Excel button.


2. Copy the information from the Excel spreadsheet and paste it into the input field.

3. Click Upload and match the headers of the columns to the data you’ve entered.

It’s mandatory that you indicate the Product Name, Quantity, Delivery cost, and Subtotal for the upload.

4. Click the Save button in the top right corner to add products.

5. After you add products, data about them will be displayed automatically. The Delivery cost equals the wholesale cost of the product and will be taken either from the product’s card, latest products arrival or average from all arrivals, depending on your Inventory settings. If the delivery price isn’t specified you can enter it manually. 

6. Enter the Quantity of products you want to arrive (units of measurement will also be taken from the card automatically). If necessary, you can also indicate the Discount for such products (in percentage).

7. The subtotal Amount for each product and the entire operation that will be displayed will take into account the quantity of products and the discount you specify.

8. If this products arrival is paid for immediately, you can check the Paid option in the Payment section and select an account or a cash register for expenses.


9. Add a Comment and click the Save button.

Products arrival with paid option selected for will create two operations simultaneously: an inventory operation as well as a financial transaction. You’ll be able to view all information about these operations in the Inventory Inventory operations (1) and Finance Financial transactions (2)

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