Products sales using an inventory operation

There are several ways to sell products to your clients:

  1. In the Status tab in the Booking card (read this article to learn more about this option).
  2. Using the Sell products button in the Appointment Calendar without adding this sale to an appointment (read this article to learn more about this option).
  3. In the Inventory Inventory operations section. This article is about this option.

Creating an inventory operation


Sale of products isn’t always associated with the provision of services to clients, so in some cases you don’t need to sell products through the Appointment Calendar.

1. To create a sale of products using an inventory operation go to the Inventory Inventory operations section and click the Operations with products button.

2. Select Products Sales option from the drop-down list. 


3. In the pop-up window specify the date and time of this inventory operation. Enter and select either the name or the phone number of the client you sold products to (this is optional). Select a staff member that sold products and the storage for sale (this storage needs to have the type to sell products).

4. Add products. You can add products using two options:

Adding each product one by one separately

Enter the name or SKU of a product and select the product you want to add from the drop-down list. To add another product click the Add a product button. To delete a product from the list, click the bin icon (read more about configuring a list of products here).

Adding products from the list

Click the Add from the list button. Open a category by clicking its name, and then check the boxes next to the names of products you want to add to the operation. You can open multiple categories and add multiple products at the same time. Click the Add button once you’re done.

5. After you add products information about them will be displayed automatically. The price will be the same as the one indicated in the product’s card if you specified. If you left the price blank you can indicate it manually.

6. Indicate the quantity of products (units of measurement will be taken from the product’s card as well). If you need to, you can indicate a discount (in percentage).

The total Amount will be calculated based on the quantity of products as well as the discount indicated.

7. To save your inventory operation click the Save without payment button. If you select this option you won’t need to indicate the payment for such operation. If you want to indicate how the client paid for their purchase then click the Save and pay button. 


Payment for products

If you wish to include payment information in the inventory operation, simply click the 'Save and pay' button. From there, you can specify the payment method, which may include cash, bank card, or loyalty options, among others.

1. Payment using cash/bank card


In the payment menu you can print a receipt and indicate payment for the purchase using either the Quick payment tab or Split payment tab. 

To indicate payment with just one option click either the Cash or Credit or Debit card buttons in the Quick payment tab. If you want to change the cash register such payment needs to be deposited to click the downward arrow on the right of the payment option you selected:


To indicate payment with both cash and bank card go to the Split payment tab.


In the window that opens, enter the amounts and select payment methods.

2. Payment using loyalty options

After selecting payment (the Save and pay button), the Quick payment tab will display the loyalty options this client can use to pay for the products. Click the button of a specific loyalty type to debit the maximum amount possible.

You don’t need to apply the loyalty card if you set up Cashback promotions in your chain interface that include products you’re selling. Cashback will be accrued automatically.


To debit only a part of the amount you need to click the Partial payment line next to the name of the selected loyalty type.

If the gift card you want to use isn’t assigned to the client and isn’t displayed in the tab, you can find it using the Search by code and other payment methods section located just below the payment options:


Enter the code of the gift card you want to apply in the corresponding field. If the code corresponds to an existing gift card in the system, it will appear in the search results.

Selling products and paying for them using an inventory operation will create two operations simultaneously: an inventory operation and a financial transaction. You’ll be able to view all information about these operations in the Inventory Inventory operations (1) and Finance Financial transactions (2) sections.