Appointment Calendar settings

The Appointment Calendar is a crucial tool for administrators as it displays client information, visit history, preferences, and statistics. You can customize the Appointment Calendar by accessing Settings > Main settings > Appointment Calendar.

1. Choose which schedule will be displayed by default - either the Staff calendar (1) or the Resource calendar (2).

If you have selected the Staff calendar option as the default display, you can further specify which position's calendar will be displayed by default. On the other hand, if you have selected the Resource calendar option, you can specify a default resource that will be displayed by default.

2. Choose the default appointment type to be created in the Appointment Calendar by selecting from the following options:

• All types: When creating appointments, two buttons will appear - appointment and event.

• Individual: Upon creation, an appointment card will open.

• Group: Upon creation, a card with the details of the group event will open.


3. Specify what should be displayed as the Booking title, such as the Client name, Phone number, or Service name.

4. Specify the time intervals to consider when creating appointments. This feature allows you to group or split appointments with a single client during the day.

5. Use the Appointment combining feature to combine appointments for a single client who visited multiple services in a day, such as manicures and pedicures. You can set the time interval during which appointments will be combined into a single appointment, set the same status for all appointments, and pay for all services immediately.

6. Turn on the "Customer search by loyalty" option to display the client search field by card, subscription, or certificate number in individual bookings.

7. Turn on the "Allow extra participants for group events" option to allow clients to book multiple spots for themselves and others in a group event. This option saves clients from creating multiple appointments for each participant.
8. Booking on canceled slots - allow clients to book over bookings in the "No-show" status. This setting controls bookings through the calendar and the online booking widget. If in the calendar the visit was moved to the status "No-show", then this time will be freed up for booking, and there will be no need to delete the visit that was canceled.
9. Customer full name - enable additional fields with the last name and / or patronymic (middle name) of the client.