Products relocation between storages

For you to indicate movement of products from one storage to another, go to the Inventory Storages section and click the Relocate the products button.


In the new window that opens, specify the date and time of this relocation, select From which inventory and To which inventory products need to be relocated. Add the products.


There are two options for you to add products:

Adding each product one by one separately

Click the Add a product button and enter the name or SKU of products you want to add (read more about configuring a list of products here). Specify the quantity of such products (units of measurement will be automatically taken from the card). Add a comment and click the Move button.

Adding products from the list

To add products to the operation, click on the "Add from the list" button and select a category by clicking on its name. Then, check the boxes next to the products you want to add. You can add multiple products from multiple categories at the same time. Once you've finished selecting the products, click on the "Add" button.

In the next step, specify the quantity of the products you've added (the units of measurement will be automatically taken from the product card). You can also add a comment if necessary. Finally, click on the "Relocate" button to complete the operation.