Appointment status

Appointment status is a label that indicates the current stage of an appointment. It helps users easily understand and track the progress of an appointment. In the Altegio interface, you can come across 4 appointment statuses which are necessary to indicate since each status affects the statistics for the location.

Listed below are the main appointment statuses you can see:

  • Pending
  • Arrived
  • No-Show
  • Confirmed

The system uses different colors and identifiers to indicate the status and additional information about visits (all bookings during a day) or appointments:

  • Pending


  • Arrived


  • No-Show


  • Confirmed


And a separate status you may incur:

  • The visit is not paid in full


Additional indications in the header of the appointment are the following:

  • This specialist only Screenshot_62.png
  • Any staff member Screenshot_63.png
  • Full online payment Screenshot_64.png
  • Partial online payment Screenshot_65.png

The color of the appointment header is determined by the appointment status and how it was created:

  • You will see a green header if the booking was created by your administrator (or another employee with the right to create bookings in the Appointment Сalendar). 


  • The header of the online booking created by the client will be purple.


If you have enabled automatic deduction from membership for a service, appointments with this service will be identified with an additional status:

  • If the automatic deduction is on then the visits will have the "Automatic deduction" status
  • If the automatic deduction was successful then the "Deducted" status will appear
  • If the automatic deduction wasn't successful then the "Not deducted" status will appear