Appointment status

Appointment status

'Visit' is all bookings client had during the day. It’s necessary to indicate status of each booking because status affect the statistics for the location.

There are four types of status in Altegio:

  • Pending
  • Arrived
  • No-Show
  • Confirmed

To indicate the status and additional information about the visit or appointment type the following colors and identifiers are used in the system:

  • Pending


  • Arrived


  • No Show


  • Confirmed


  • The visit is not paid in full


Additional indications in the header of the appointment:

  • This specialist only Screenshot_62.png
  • Any staff member Screenshot_63.png
  • Full online payment Screenshot_64.png
  • Partial online payment Screenshot_65.png

The color of the header will be set based on how the appointment was created:

  • You will see a green header if the booking was created by your administrator (or another employee with rights to create bookings in the Appointment Сalendar). 


  • The header of the online booking created by the client will be purple.


If you switched on automatic deduction from membership in the service then appointments with this service will be identified with additional status:

  • If the automatic deduction is on then the visits will have the Automatic deduction status
  • If the automatic deduction was successful then the Deducted status will appear
  • If the automatic deduction wasn't successful then the Not deducted status will appear