Working with the Appointment Calendar


What is it and what is it for?

The Appointment Calendar is a digital calendar that allows you to manage schedules and appointments.

The calendar supports simultaneous collaboration, allowing multiple users to work on it concurrently. Administrators have the privilege to maintain and manage the calendar, while employees can conveniently access their schedules and view bookings. This centralized system stores all the existing bookings and events, which are created by the administrator using the Appointment Calendar feature, as well as by customers through the convenient Online Booking widget.

Getting started

Prior to starting work with the calendar, it is crucial to ensure that the setup process has been completed. This involves adding necessary services, staff, and resources to the system and establishing a comprehensive work schedule.

To go to the Appointment Calendar, select a date from the calendar at the top of the main menu.

Working in the Appointment Calendar

The Appointment Calendar is equipped with several buttons located in the top panel, which allow you to control various functions.

• Click on the button with three bars to hide or expand the left side menu.

• Use the arrow buttons to scroll through the days in the calendar. To return to the current date, you can simply press the "Today" button.

• View financial statistics for the day by clicking on the button with the sum on the right. This section provides information on the amount of money earned in cash or received as cashless payment, the sums of the bookings created, the part of the sum paid using loyalty points, and the number of discounts. You can also use the "Sell Products" button in the same window to indicate the sale of products to clients, even if they don't have any bookings in the Appointment Calendar for that day.
Read more about this functionality in this article.


• The "Day" option allows you to view the schedule for the day for all staff members across all positions or for a specific position, as well as the schedule for resources.

• The "Week" option enables you to view the schedule for the week for a specific staff member or resource.

• You can change the size of the Appointment Calendar by clicking on the magnifying glass buttonvnIy1iqj23Jczm6exlKAwOyyeQ1t7hC4isI0rHOK.png.
• Additionally, you can add staff to the schedule of a specific day by clicking on the person with a plus button kAdhjkbg63rDHBkCtXTrqkmCvWIXUvo7BBYPLJzg.png.
• Using the filter button , you can filter all visits by their status.
For example, you can hide all visits with the status "No-show" so that they do not interfere with the creation of new bookings in the calendar.

Important: you can filter only individual bookings, the filter does not affect group events.

• Access the client search panel by clicking on the smiley button located in the top-right corner.

• For modifying the work schedule or removing a working day, click on the employee's name and choose the appropriate action from the available options.

Creating new bookings

To create a new booking in the Appointment Calendar, follow these steps:

1. Click on the date you want to create a booking for in the Appointment Calendar, and the schedule for that day will appear.

2. Select the employee and the time slot you want to create an appointment for. Click on the booking button that appears when you click on a free time slot in the Appointment Calendar. Specify the type of the appointment as either a "Booking" or an "Event".

3.  The "Event" button allows you to create a group appointment, and you can read about it in more detail in the "Configuring events" article.

4. The "Booking" button allows you to create an individual appointment, and you can read about it in more detail in the "Appointment Calendar settings" article.

You will see a green header if the booking was created by your administrator or another employee with the right to create bookings in the Appointment Calendar.


The header of the online booking created by the client will be purple.


The color of the bookings may change depending on their status.