Working with appointments


The Appointment Calendar is a digital calendar that enables you to manage schedules, appointments, and events. It serves as a centralized hub for all other modules, from the loyalty program to finance and inventory, which operate using clients' appointment data.

Once you have set up a schedule for your employees, their data will appear in the Appointment Calendar. You can then create appointments for them based on their schedule.

To create a new appointment in the Appointment Calendar, follow these steps:

1. Click on the date you want to create the appointment for in the calendar located on the left side of the screen. The schedule for that day will appear.

2. Select the staff member and the time slot you want to create the appointment for. Click on the "New Appointment" button, which appears when you hover your cursor over a free time slot in the calendar. Specify the type of appointment as either a "Booking" or an "Event".

3. When you create a new appointment, a booking card in the visit window is automatically generated.

The visit window in the Appointment Calendar consists of two sections: "Visit" and "Client".

The visit section in the Appointment Calendar includes the following sections:

1. Appointment Details
2. Status
3. Checkout (appears in visits with the "Arrived" and "Confirmed" statuses)
4. Notifications (not visible for visits with No-Show status)
5. Change log
6. Consumables used

The client section in the booking card contains the same information as the client's card in the "Clients - Client Database" section. You can find more detailed information about the client's card in the "Information in the client's card" article.